Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No politics

No politics until further notice. Principles to selectively weigh up. Petulance to maintain. Self-righteousness to keep. Sorry..


After discussions, I now feel free to slander without reference to accuracy. So I shall. In tomorrow’s column. I apologise for the conceit, but I wanted to feign indignation before matters had been resolved. I had to be churlish with my employer and to my readers, and I apologise if you think I’ve had the balance wrong over the past 10 years.

Thank you to everyone who has telegraphed, rung, faxed, offered their children or commented on this post, here and on radio.



  1. Poor oppressed possum, my heart bleeds for you. Those horrid Lefties!!!

  2. You left out "Victim-status to proclaim".

  3. Another brave and true voice lost to the machinations of the evil left/green/fascist international socialist banking cartel. Who can we now count on to seek truth for power?

  4. While Andrew throws a tizzy, Piers, Miranda, Janet and Tim will do the heavy anti-Labor blogging.

    Alan, Chris, Ray, Mike, Gary and co will continue the radio assault.

    There will be no shortage of right-wing/Liberal polemicists during Andrew's period of downtime.

  5. yes but those voices are oppressed and have no way of speaking to the public at large thanks to the Greens.

  6. Oooh Aaandrewww!!! Once again you are stifled by the evil machinations of the Left! Your leader, poor humble Rupert, must wonder how he can possibly prevail over the massively overfunded, tyrannical ABC!

    Keep fighting in your modest fashion, Andrew! It's a wonder you are even heard when Rupert only owns 70% of the print media. We're all behind you!