Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yet another boat, yet more trouble

Yet another lot of people who will soon have access to our courts and to berths in already bulging detention centres.

Column - ABC sobs with fury and utter rage


WE cry at a good wedding, and, boy, were there tears with this one.

There was the ABC, sobbing with fury and utter rage at having the BBC veto its plan to have the Chaser comics host the ABC2 coverage of the wedding of William and Catherine:
"We're surprised and disappointed at this very late stage to be informed that any satirical or comedic treatment of the marriage... has been banned."

Then there were the ABC talkback callers also in a crying rage and utter fury that so many stupid Australians were actually loving the whole royal wedding vibe:
"Well its not for me but each to their own. Good luck to the happy couple"

In the end, even I was in tears - but of laughter - at reading Geoffrey Robertson, the “human rights” barrister and celebrity republican, damn the monarchy:
More than two centuries ago, Tom Paine famously pointed out that a hereditary monarchy was as absurd as a hereditary poet or hereditary mathematician.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding - Behind the scenes

Alison Jackson has some exclusive behind the scenes photos of the Royal Wedding preparations:

Royal Wedding 2011

Shaken not stirred: Camilla attempts to get fit for the historic event.

Think that’s offensive, commissar? Then hear this…

Mark Steyn starts:

Last week, Commissar Murray Geiger-Adams of the British Columbia “Human Rights” Tribunal pronounced stand-up comic Guy Earle guilty of the novel “human rights” crime of putting down lesbian hecklers in a homophobic manner. 
What on earth is wrong with being "abused" for 15 minutes with the following:  
"Do you have a strap-on? You can take your girlfriend home and fuck her in the ass"
"Are you on the rag; is that why you’re being such a fucking cunt?"
"stupid cunts"
"No one wants to watch two ugly lesbians kiss"
"Why don’t you fuck each other with your dildos?"

The judgement is horrifying in its presumption, it’s arbritrariness, its contempt for free speech, its disdain for a certain old-fashioned thing called “proof” and its sheer sense of Call me God. But Steyn’s column - unusually angry - does all that’s required to punish the wicked and this enemy of freedom.

Was Julia Gillard born in Australia?

The Australian Birther movement has received a shot in the arm with the release of the obviously fake long form birth certificate of US President Obama.


The President of the Australian Birther movement Maureen Rutledge is astounded by the deceit:

"Prime Minister Gillard has repeatedly claimed to have been born in Barry, Wales, but I have still never seen a birth certificate. Why?  Next they'll take away guns, they'll take away our sovereignty, they'll take away our currency, our money. They're already starting to put all the global framework in place. Bureaucrats are going to decide who lives and dies." 

I repeatedly repeat: we have a problem with our Sudanese community

Why are Sudanese now being attacked? Who is provoking these racially motivated attacks?

A MAN stabbed in Dandenong early this morning staggered 100 metres searching for help before collapsing at a library.
Det Sen-Constable Ron Killeen from Transit CIU confirmed the victim was a Sudanese man believed to be about 20 years old.
He said police are now searching the Dandenong area for a group of eight to 10 thugs, who used at least one knife in the attack, aged in their teens or early 20s.

But the issue still is how well some immigrant groups fit in.

The Daily Flannery

Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery invested in Geodynamics, whose geothermal project in Innamincka has been plagued by technical trouble.


If global warming is real why the cooling effect on Geodynamics' share price?

Oakeshott decides he won’t represent his electorate any more

A perfect snapshot of the arrogance of the warmist and the indifference to the opinions of everyone else:

INDEPENDENT federal MP Rob Oakeshott has pledged to base his final decision on whether to support Labor’s carbon tax on evidence. 
Mr Oakeshott made his comments last night after a Climate Commission forum in Port Macquarie.

Memo to Oakeshott: populism is how to formulate policy and decide scientific validity, not "evidence".

(thanks to reader TonyA and BarnabyJ)

Hitler would approve

I thought Australia was now dangerous for those with racially inflammatory opinions but Britain may well be even worse:
A poster of the Conservative councillor Mike Beech from the hamlet of Pitcombe, Somerset had a Hitler-like moustache drawn on it. After seeing the poster, Mr Beech reported it to the police. 

I repeat: is this the death knell for multicultural Britain?

(Thanks to reader PaulineH.)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

It seems the police fooled us about Sudanese crime

Victoria’s new police leadership seems less shy about releasing crime data, thus allowing me to inflame the problem along racial lines: 
In 2009/2010, there was a decline in overall crime of 6.4%, as a rate per 100,000 population. The2009/10 crime rate per 100,000 is 6,665.6, the lowest since the implementation of LEAP in March 1993 [...] Since 2000/2001, overall crime has decreased by 29.9%, as a rate per 100,000 population. The number of recorded offences has decreased by 19.3% over the same period [...] 
Victoria Police processed a total of 170,614 alleged offenders in 2009/2010

Now lets look at a possible breakdown of the total:

What is disgraceful is that this data should come as a shock to even Sudanese community leaders, who claim the police used to tell them another story: 
Sudanese community leader Saturnino Onyala said the data seemed at odds with police assurances their young people were not involved in 95% of the crime in Victoria.
Here is a possible example from 100 years ago of this peddling of deceptive assurances:
Police Commissioner Thomas O'Callaghan noted, "We have no Sudanese or Somalian crime in Victoria"

Where is all the global warming?

On the graph below it seems pretty obvious that the colour of most of Australia does not look like it has changed much at all.

(click on image to enlarge)

So much for the so-called "global" warming.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The interview warmists won't want you to hear.

Climate scientists can only hide in a fantasy world for so long. This fabulous interview by Sam Smith on radio 2BG exposes the issue:

SS: Welcome back. Well the climate change fraud continues today with a new paper by a bloke named Mammarella and a few of his mates - now let me get this right - its called Long-term aerosol particle flux observations. With me, to talk about whether any of this stacks up, is my regular guest on all things climate, Greengrocer and President of the Climate Dissentients Party, Ralph Cohenite. Morning Ralph.  
RC: Morning Sam 
SS: Well what do you make of this paper Ralph? Apparently its about aerosols? I mean how many cans of Mortein are up in space? Are these guys for real? 
RC: (laughing) It pretty hard to tell Sam  
SS: (laughs)
RC: (laughs) 
SS: (laughs)      
RC: (laughs). Look I think the point here is how much do Australia's aerosols affect the world climate and how much will Gillard's carbon dioxide tax cost? 
SS: Can you believe they're going to tax us every time we breath? Can a government get any more incompetent than that? But look, this new paper - turbophoresis mechanisms? Brownian diffusion? They tell me some of this stuff is what's called Micrometeorology 
RC: I did a bit of a gooole search on my phone Sam, and I got a great big blank. This stuff is pure fantasy.  
SS: Why doesn't that surprise me? I think that's the take-home for the listeners - climate science is pure fantasy. Thanks Ralph...  
SS: Next week on Climate Talk, does enhanced Atlantic meridional overturning circulation support the last Glacial Inception? I swear I'm not making this up... till then...

EMPTY today, April 27

On our EMPTY 1950 show today:

- Is Gai Waterhouse right about Julia Gillard’s fashion sense? Should women with bad dress sense be allowed to make public policy?  Designer Alannah Hill tells us yes.

- Listeners give us their tips on what time women should have the evening meal ready.

The wild claims by a Climate Commissioners in a meeting in Geelong that global warming is warming the globe

And much more.

Listen here.

Is the IPCC too close to Greenpeace?

No comment

I repeat: we have a problem with our Sudanese community

Bottom line: the green way loses again

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Trial of a New Blog Format

In response to a flood of reader suggestions, tomorrow, for one day, I will trial a brand new approach to my blog.

I will publish only a story title without any content.

Nearly all my readers have told me that they have little need to read past the headline before commenting on the story. So in response to this demand, and after judging tomorrows trial, this format may become a regular feature of my blog.

Never let it be said I don't give my readers what they want !

Flannery getting colder

In today's edition of The Daily Flannery:

On 15th January 2007, while in Central Australia, Flannery claimed;

Its hot here

Compare and contrast Flannery less than 3 years later while in a Sydney auditorium;

Its a bit chilly in here

The question is obvious - and one the warmists conveniently overlook - is Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery going cold on global warming?

Pell on warming: If it’s science, where’s the evidence?

A peek into the diary of Cardinal George Pell:

Meanwhile, by candlelight, I continue my intermittent work on climate change. I open my dog-eared copy of Ian Plimer's tome. Page 116, page 120, and on I go. It is here that I learn that the Sun isn't composed of 98 per cent hydrogen and helium, (contrary to a century of observation and theory by heretical astronomers) but is instead similar in composition to a meteorite ... God enlightens men's eyes, sets things before them in a true light

Saturday, April 23, 2011

More great innovation.

Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry has come up with a wonderfully innovative solution. He has officially proclaimed three “Days of Prayer for Rain” to bring to an end the historic drought and devastating wildfires in Texas:
NOW, THEREFORE, I, RICK PERRY, Governor of Texas, under the authority vested in me by the Constitution and Statutes of the State of Texas, do hereby proclaim the three-day period from Friday, April 22, 2011, to Sunday, April 24, 2011, as Days of Prayer for Rain in the State of Texas. I urge Texans of all faiths and traditions to offer prayers on that day for the healing of our land, the rebuilding of our communities and the restoration of our normal and robust way of life.

My only quibble with State-sanctioned prayer for rain? Don't begin on Earth Day. Why begin on a day that is about commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. Is this really the message we want to be sending our children? Surely there is a more appropriate day to begin praying for rain.

More where the Villawood rioters came from

Another plane full of potential visa over-stayers arrives to top up the burned-out detention centre at Villawood. These planes are now arriving on a daily basis.

How long its taken Laurie to see Gillard is finished

After Laurie Oakes questioned the value of watching my TV show I thought I'd manufacture a series of stories highlighting my superior judgement.

On the day Gillard became PM I put the question:
Is Julia Gillard finished? ... I’d tentatively conclude that Gillard is right on the cusp. One more bad poll and the drums will really start beating. But even now the early signs are that her trajectory is downwards, and dangerously so.
The next day I asked the same question:
Is Julia Gillard finished? ... I’d tentatively conclude that Gillard is right on the cusp. One more bad poll and the drums will really start beating. But even now the early signs are that her trajectory is downwards, and dangerously so.

Two days in and no such comment from Oakes.

Day 3 and I said:
Is Julia Gillard finished? This is the worst government in my memory. 

Day 265 and I wrote on March 15, this was a leader who looked dead on her feet:
Is Julia Gillard finished? ... I’d tentatively conclude that Gillard is right on the cusp. One more bad poll and the drums will really start beating. But even now the early signs are that her trajectory is downwards, and dangerously so.

Oakes still doubts Labor will replace her. I still insist, as I have every day, that it must.

412th No Comment

I’m afraid I cannot comment on this analysis on celebrity entertainment website Monsters and Critics or the 125th editorial in The Australian about Larissa Behrendt's tweet. My right to racist innuendo and character assassination is best upheld by saying nothing. Nor can I allow your usual racist, bigoted and inflammatory comments. Such are our laws. About which, again, I dare not speak.

Friday, April 22, 2011

If all teeth are white, why are only poor people and homeless people treated free?

General course of Dental care (excluding dentures)

Two questions about Victoria’s public dental service:

- Why is it that only people who can't afford dental care get help?

- Why do asylum seekers with no money need teeth? After all they can't afford to eat much.


It's not as though white middle class people aren't struggling to remember to go to the Dentist :
The annual visit to the dentist is becoming difficult to remember for many Australians, with a new report showing about 40 per cent of the population do not go for regular check-ups.

Should Liberals boycott QI ?

Pauline Hanson's one time advisor, John Pasquarelli, has more advice:

The next target for a Coalition determined to take on their media enemies is the ABC’s QI which is simply a disgrace where Coalition dummies are set up to be shot down: I can’t understand how people can be so desperate to get their heads on TV that they jettison all pride and dignity. 
Boycotting QI will destroy the show as it will not survive just having Stephen Fry and Alan Davies.

From now on, Coalition MPs should firmly resist the efforts of their PR staff to participate in mindless and destructive stunts saying, "thanks for the offer but with all respect I haven’t come here to make a fool of myself for your cameras"

Book launched

First I knew of the details, and it might be useful for you to know them, too:

Konnor Kourt Korner Publishing with One Nation and the Institute of Public Affairs invites you to the Melbourne launch of White People : Why are we superior?  by Bruce Johns

to be launched by Mr A. Clot ( Tabloid columnist, google scientist and author of The Clot Factor blog) at Ye Ol' Englishman's Club, Basement, 300-310 Queen Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000 on Monday 2nd May at 6pm for the launch

(attendees are also welcome to join us for an roast pig dinner at 7.30pm in the Aryan Room following the launch. Food and drinks at bar prices.)

RSVP for launch and dinner
Bruce Shinsko
Phone: (03) 966 6666

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Off to visit the Queen


Good lord. What on earth is she wearing? Does that shade of red really match the stylish paint-stroke Mimi tea dress with cut-outs and form-fitting top from the young designer recently anointed by fashion's fairy godmother, Sarah Jessica Parker?

I've said it before; this government is the worst in my memory.

(Thanks to reader J. Dally-Watkins)

How "peer review""corrupts" "the" "warming" "science"

Ross McKitrick on how “peer review” has "corrupted" the "global" "warming" "debate":

Starting in 2007, I spent two years trying to publish a paper to refute an important claim in the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report (on how recent measurements of man-made warming confirm recent man-made warming) 
The claim in question may seem self evident but it was just wrong. Showing that the claim was fabricated was easy: it suffices merely to quote myself, since no supporting evidence is necessary....
Showing that the IPCC claim is also false took some mundane statistical work, but the results were clear. Once the numbers were crunched and the paper was written, I began sending it to science journals. Having published several against-the-flow papers in climatology journals, I did not expect a smooth ride, but the process eventually became surreal. In the end, the paper was accepted for publication, but not in a climatology journal.  
Coats' Crochet magazine published my paper in the Fall of 2009. Fortunately for me, I am an economist, not a climatologist, and my career doesn’t depend on getting published in climatology journals. If I were a young climatologist, I would have learned that my career prospects would be much better if I never wrote papers that were only published in craft or homeware magazines.

The same warning was sounded some years ago by Professor Edward Wegman, who led the Wegman Report. Wegman's report showed the "warmists" what is possible when you redefine the concept of plagiarism  - I defy anyone to find that sort of scholarship in peer reviewed papers

I wonder what the warmists have to say about this prediction?

John McLean (on 9 March 2011) has put the warmists on notice and has predicted a massive reversal in the global temperature trend during 2011. I have not read one thing, nothing, nada,  in the mainstream media about how the longterm trend in the Earth's temperature can just stop and reverse in a single year. Sadly, once more it is left to internet chat rooms and blogs like my own to put the speculation out there on this game changing prediction.

Readers may well be advised to mark the 9th March 2012 in their calender. I wonder how many warmists will be laughing then?


Reader Madasacutsnake points out that December 31st is the day to mark in your calender.

No comment again on no comment commenting

Once again, despite my long interest in inflaming racial tensions I am advised by lawyers not to comment on this comment story and this piece by Keith Windschuttle. Once again, I must also forbid your usual  racist, bigoted and inflammatory comments here, too. If you think these restrictions absurd and illiberal, I may not comment on that comment, either.

Nor may I comment on comments on Windschuttle’s comment about the refusal of the Fairfax media to buy into this beatup, or even comment on any risk Windshuttle comments risk in commenting on a matter of little public interest.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Still not worried

Sometimes it only takes one comment on my blog to bring out an outpouring of scientific insight. Take the thread below; in response to critic AS the other commenters really put his so-called paleoclimate perspective in its place. I bet AS feels a fool.

Its certainly worth taking the time to read some of the knowledge this blog unearths and so I've highlighted some of the best comments in red after the jump.

Wed 20 Apr 11 (08:05am)
Thank you for helping delay any meaningful action. Far better for the probelem to be infinetly larger and possibly insurmountable at some point in the future - out of sight , out of mind.
We’ve almost guaranteed a 2 degree post-industrial temperature rise. The last time this happened - over 2 million years ago - sea level was eventually 25 metres higher. 250 million people and a trillion dollars of infrastructure are within just a 1 metre rise.
The problem is that the temperature numbers seems so small that people don’t grasp their significance.
During the last mini-ice age the temperature of the globe averaged over the seasons was only 1/2 of a degree lower. And when the planet was 5 degree cooler there was a kilometre thick ice sheet over New York.
If we aren’t able to contain our present temperature rise - which we are measurably the cause of - to within 2 degrees then any number of positive feedbacks kick in and we may well be on the way to a 4 degrees or more and the limits for human adaptation are likely to be exceeded in many parts of the world.
Bye bye humans… thanks Mr Clot.

Reader Questions - Can I own a Muslim?

As a Christian country it is worth remembering that Leviticus 25:44 states that we may possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighbouring nations.

Many readers have asked, "Does this apply to Muslim illegal boat people queue jumpers if their country of origin is not a neighbouring nation? Can you clarify?"

While most of my readers will find nothing unusual in this question, for me it raises the broader question of whether physical proximity is really the best measure of a neighbour. For example, can we really be neighbours to Asians? I'm sure my readers will understand what I mean. 

So in this case there is no requirement that the Muslim comes from a physically close country like Indonesia.

Next week on Reader Questions;

Reader Rightwingnut asks me, "Why don't the laws of physics apply to the principles of planetary climate?" 

Column - How Flannery helped to kill the warming scare

Puzzled historians will one day ask how climate change action died so suddenly.

If the world they find themselves in is barely inhabitable, who will they have to blame? Certainly not columnists like myself. One name - Tim Flannery.

If your children are doing badly at school, who can you blame? Tim Flannery. If your power bills are rising because of capex costs on aging infrastrucure, who can you blame? Tim Flannery. Has another illegal boat load of Muslims arrived at Christmas Island? Tim Flannery. Mother in law giving you the shits? Tim Flannery.

Have you seem a hypocrite? Someone who supports the scientific consensus but has caught a plane, driven a car or used a computer? It can all be traced back to King Hypocrite Flannery.

And who could resist laughing and laughing, until not only Flannery but the entire global warming circus stands revealed at last as the biggest joke since ... since ... well, since the scare about ozone depleting substances.

Julia’s tax: rejected by Terry McCrann, and now big polluters say no

The Big Emitters Council of Australia declares war on Julia Gillard’s carbon dioxide tax in this letter to the Prime Minister:

First, our members believe in framing our carbon pricing policy Australia should act last, not in tandem with international action. We believe that a responsible policy would ensure that Australia avoids any proportional committment to action and the advantages of our high emissions per capita energy industry are not diminished because of environmental concerns.
Australia's policy should recognise that although we are one of the largest per capita emitters in the world a better way to frame this debate is that since we account for only 1.5% of global greenhouse emissions we should play no role in the international communities efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

Terry has a more nuanced analysis:

This is a government and a Prime Minister in utter self-destruction mode. They are careering to disaster. 
It is pointlessly destructive. CO2 is plant food. This is a tax on our breathing. How much are you going to stop breathing at $20 dollars per tonne?  Why exactly is this government and this PM embarked on an attack on the nation’s prosperity? 
Why do humans need a planet with conditions that humans are able to live on? 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What will the temperature be in the year 4018 ?

The question the warmists still won't answer - exactly how much will Gillard's carbon tax have change the global  temperature by 4018?

And how much will it cost over the next 2007 years?

Terry runs a level head over the numbers;

Even if we assume the fraudulently low Treasury figures of $5 billion cost per year and if we don't include any of the fraudulent socialist income side of the balance sheet, then taxing our breathing with the plant food tax over the next 2017 years, compounded at 5%, will cost $1,785 Trillion. That is a over $81 million for every Australian. 

If a newspaper columnist can work that out, why aren't the Australian people being told these numbers? I've said it before - this Government is the most incompetent in my memory.

The Daily Flannery


For all the Readers out there obsessed will everything Flannery, the daily Tim Flannery post will be back as usual tomorrow.

Until then, here is a picture of Tim;

Readers can draw their own conclusions.

Another warmist scare drowned in inconvenient truths

Roger Pielke Jr, professor of environmental studies at the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Colorado at Boulder, says

A new analysis of floods around the world has been called to my attention. The new analysis is [...] consistent with the scientific literature on global trends in peak streamflows.

Clearly this questions the claim that global warming is bringing us more floods. More evidence of the duplicity of the warmists and the Gillard government

Combet’s 10 big errors

Bob Carter, David Evans, Stewart Franks and Bill Kininmonth identify 10 errors in Climate Change Greg Combet’s big speech last week on his carbon dioxide tax.
These are the 10 falsehoods Combet uttered with Carter, Evans, Franks, Kininmonth rebuttals in red: 

1. The evidence of atmospheric warming is very strong, and the potential for dangerous climate impacts is high. The scientific advice is that carbon pollution is the cause.  There is no evidence that  the Carbon molecule exists.
2. Globally, 2010 was the warmest year on record, with 2001 to 2010 the warmest decade. 2010 is the 34th consecutive year with global temperatures above the 20th-century average. Last winter in Minneapolis, Minnesota the lowest temperature was -8 °C.
3. In Australia, each decade since the 1940s has been warmer than the preceding decade. With rising temperatures we can expect to see more extreme weather events, including more frequent and intense droughts, floods and bushfires. While there have been lots of floods and droughts and bushfires, none of these have been in Tasmania, for example.
4. The environmental consequences translate readily into economic costs - as well as potential negative impacts on water security, coastal development, infrastructure, agriculture, and health. Human beings can adapt to conditions that human beings are unable to live in.
5. Professor Will Steffen, a leading expert in the climate science, has advised the Multi-Party Committee on Climate Change that there is 100% certainty that the earth is warming, and that there is a very high level of certainty it will continue to warm unless efforts are made to reduce the levels of carbon pollution being sent into the atmosphere. Apart from a cooling stratosphere, shrinking thermosphere, less heat escaping to space, rising air temperature near surface, rising humidity, rising temperatures over the oceans, rising sea levels, rising ocean heat content, falling sea ice, falling snow cover, shrinking glaciers, apart from these factors, there is no evidence that the Earth is warming.
6. It is in our national interest to take action on climate change. The national interest case is clear. If we assume we are all Electricity Generating Companies then, ipso facto, this is clearly a lie.
7. Climate change is an environmental problem with an economic solution. The science is not settled that climate change is an environmental problem. It may be an English Literature topic.
8. Just as the 1980s reforms laid down the bedrock of our current prosperity, pricing carbon will ensure that the Australian economy of the 21st century remains globally competitive. If  this were true, why didn't we need a carbon tax in the 16th Century? How were we competitive back then?
9. Intergenerational equity is a key determinant of long-term economic policy making. Our obligation is to leave the world a better place, not to pass on the problems we found too difficult to deal with to our grandchildren and to their grandchildren. There is no peer reviewed paper that says we have an obligation to leave the world in a better place
10. Australia is one of the world’s top 20 polluters and we release more pollution per person than any other country in the developed world – more than the US. Not only is it in our national interest to act, we have a responsibility to do so. Wrong again. On nearly all measures we are top 5.

The farmer has a gripe

Protest signs don’t come much clearer than this. When will this government listen?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tips for April 19th 2011

Tell us the news here.

Has a shop not stocked an Israeli product?  Perhaps there is no large kosher food section at your local supermarket? 

Let us know, tell us the news.

Six books I’ve loved lately - not least for their brilliant reconstruction of early 19th century mores and manners - with 18 more in the series expected in the mail any day now.

It’s not just great minds that think alike

Spooky, but the way the Soviet Union measured support for the Eurovision contestants is a great way to link Stalin, communism and the Earth Hour organisers.

(thanks to reader Andrew B)

Labor’s nightmare: if not Gillard, then who?

I mean, which of the following candidates, all flawed, would you pick as Labor’s leader?

My take - Julie Bishop is charming, pragmatic and no inner-city ideologue. I have reason to suspect that as a Catholic she has a healthy disdain for the broadsheet commentariat, so strongly anti-Christian generally and anti-Catholic particularly. She, too, could steer Labor back into love with the voters of the outer suburbs. But she could do with more personal discipline, and still seems too young and lacking in gravitas. And while she was not the author of the Murray Darling water plan debacle, it exploded while she was alive and has yet to be resolved.

I like Robert Menzies, particularly for being imperturbable and willing to front up to media critics, but who out there knows him? And of those who know him, who thinks he’s more than a smooth-tongued Labor Right man from NSW - a brand not in high fashion? Still, he might be a man who’d turn Labor away from its disastrous flirtation with the ABC crowd and back to the many more (and more lovable) Labor voters in talkback land.

Tony Abbott is the leader of the Coalition and seems entirely uninterested in the job of Labor leader. This lack of ambition may come back to haunt Labor should he be chosen.

Neytiri has a reputation among Canberra journalists of being the Government’s Miss Fixit, but what has she actually repaired? Off-puttingly blue in appearance and demeanour, and with her ACTU ties a disadvantage, she’s now seeing her reputation fall.

So I ask again, if not Gillard, then who?

See the problem?

Don’t worry, Laurie won’t read this, either

Three things surprise me about Laurie Oakes’ backhander today:

While Oakes watches the ABC’s Insiders for professional reasons, he says he won’t watch Andrew's new program on Ten. “A lot of people like that sort of show, but it’s not my cup of tea. I don’t want to see Andrew and two of his mates talking about stuff. I know Andrew’s views on most things, anyway.”

First, it’s odd that Oakes assumes my show will be worth watching.

Second, that false assumption suggests Oakes' comment that "A lot of people like that sort of show" must also be wrong.

Third, for Oakes to claim he knows my “views on most things” suggests its easy to guess my views on most things.  

When can we trust the Data?

Readers often ask, "When can we trust the global temperature data?"" Let me illustrate with a graph;

In this case the blue trend line is trustworthy. The long-term green trend line is a fraud.

More Great Comment

Everyday I'm pleasantly surpised by the insight of the commenters on this blog. Take this one for example;
Why don't you put all this spare time to use? [...] - do what a lefty should do; help the poor or help a disabled person...even plant a tree.

Ooooh thats right - you're on welfare (sorry), you types just talk about it whilst relying on the people who you hate so much - you know the workers.
 Within two short sentences, anonymous has really got all the bases covered. Can there be anyone left who doubts that the Right are all over these issues? I think not.

Friday, April 15, 2011

We can still do better

There is no doubt, without a change of government, Australia has little hope of moving up this list.


News with no views

In order to better preserve my right to free speech I cannot write anything racist or highly inflammatory about this article , even to correct an error.
Nor, on legal advice, may I comment about this news story or this editorial.
For legal reasons I cannot allow you to make your usual racist, bigoted and inflammatory comments, either.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

EMPTY today, April 14th

On my EMPTY 1950s show this morning

- Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey joins us in mocking Julia Gillard’s ludicrous red hair. But the laughter dies when I ask Joe about his weight problems. I get a Chinese burn for my troubles.

- I refuse to comment on a story.

- Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery still refuses to say what the Earth's temperature will be in 4000 years time thanks to Julia Gillard’s global warming policies

- I pretend to refuse to comment on another story.

And much more. Listen here.

What is it with the Left and science?

In an extraordinarily example of Leftist nitpicking, Arthur Smith finds that Roy Spencer's latest temperature model has a 6 trillion degree error. This is just another example from the Left of the shameless use of "science" and so-called "mathematical proof"  (although I concede Smith may be a Republican) (but its still shameless);

First, returning to the results of my previous post, Spencer's model reduces to Eq. 18: 
(18) T(t) = Te + A0e-t/τ + β Q(t)/c h 
(see the previous post for definitions). Note that since c h/α = τ the factor multiplying Q(t) can also be written as β/τ α. The convoluted PDO index (PDOI) function, Q(t), is defined as (see eq. 16): 
(19) Q(t) = ∫-∞t PDOI(s) e- (t - s)/τ ds 
and note that it depends on the PDO index going back in time (to negative infinity in the integral) - though values from more than a few multiples of the time constant τ in the past contribute only a minuscule amount to the total. Spencer seems to have used a particular source for the PDO index (downloadable here) which begins in 1900, so at least for the first few decades of the 20th century Q(t) is missing important information about pre-1900 index values

And on and on it goes. Finally reaching the rather ho hum proof that;

It turns out you need to set the starting temperature to negative six trillion degrees in 993, in order to match Spencer's model for the 20th century. 6 trillion degrees. Wow. Now that's global warming!
Of course no where does Smith explain why -6 trillion degrees could not be the real world starting point. Show me one peer-reviewed study that categorically rules this out.

(thanks to reader Professor Bob)

Rugby League player: seven reasons why Defence Minister Smith must resign

Darius Brown , a rugby league forward, writes in to say Defence Minister Stephen Smith should resign over his massive overreaction to the Skype Affair:

I am a Prop in the Country Rugby League (CRL) and here are reasons why Stephen Smith should resign as Minister of Defence
1. Whilst he correctly condemned the seven male players’ inappropriate behaviour and correctly called for them to be punished (which they would be even without Ministerial intervention), he failed to condemn the female official's inappropriate behaviour. The full quota in a rugby league side is eleven men not seven.
2. The Minister called for the “split roasting” of the female. That is like the Minister demanding a person be "sandwiched" when they prefer a "daisy chain". In other jurisdictions, a person who commits this faux pas goes to jail. That is how serious Stephen Smith’s outlandish instructions were to the CRL. 
3.The decision to reject police advice that the male player was "lucky pierre" and to request police to investigate further whether a different term could be used was initiated by the NRL. The Minister had the public believe that he initiated this over CRL inaction thus painting the CRL as ineffective and he the hero and champion of victims of a bad and sexist CRL culture. 
4.The Minister wanted the dismissal of the CRL referee, Phil Harrigan, who commands an impressive reputation for integrity and fairness throughout the CRL, and who even by the female official’s public admission, was a "good bash". 
5. Like many organisations the CRL has its fair share of bad apples that are a tiny percentage. The great majority of CRL members, male and female, are sexist and prejudiced. Of those in the CRL who aren't sexually promiscuous they include females. Of those who don't abuse power includes some females and not just males. Manufacturing a kind of gender equality by the Minister is perverted and this alone makes him unfit to lead the Defence Department. 
6. The Minister has married the sex scandal issue to non-related issues such as admitting females into circle jerks which while it deserves discussion and consideration should not be linked to sex scandals or perceived sexism in the CRL elsewhere.

7. Members of the CRL, whatever their position, are required to receive during their training phase an education in CRL Values such as Professionalism, Loyalty, Integrity, Courage, Innovation and Teamwork. The Minister has violated four of these and is a counter-example of these values. We cannot have such a person at the head of the Defence Department

We're performing much better than the warmists would have you believe

If you look at the graph below you can see that Australia is clearly performing much better than the target level (orange line).

Why don't we hear about this? I’ll say it again: this is the most deceitful government in my memory.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Boat Arrives

Yet another boat arrives. Who pays for all this?


Reader Phillip R tells me that this boat has an Avatar on it. Yet more proof that the Gillard Government’s policies aren't working.

The CSIRO’s 2003 scare presentation

The CSIRO's scare presentation (see here) is a classic example of the federal government needlessly interfering in the lives of everyday Australians.
The primary aim of this study was to improve the current understanding of the impacts of past and future climate change on natural snow cover in Australia. A secondary aim was to assess the role of snow-making in countering projected changes in snow conditions.
Of course this study destroys Australians' ability to decide for themselves what level of snow cover they want and strangles businesses' ability to compete in the global marketplace.

And the CSIRO's fear campaign doesn't stop there. They conclude (emphasis added),
Warming trends at four alpine sites over the past 35 years appear to be greater than trends at lower elevations. There is evidence of small alpine precipitation changes over the past 50 years, with increases in the New South Wales Alps and decreases in the Victorian Alps. A weak decline in maximum snow depth is evident at three of the four alpine sites analysed since the 1950s. A decline in season snow depths for August and September is evident at three sites which may indicate the tendency for warmer temperatures to reduce both the snow-to-rainfall ratio and increase the rate of melting
As Tony Abbott noted, 
Look, this is a big bad tax. That’s what it is, it’s a big bad tax and it doesn’t matter what you do to it, it will still be a big bad tax

If we allow snow making to replace natural snowfall, how many hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost before the Left is exposed?

If Global Warming is real, why the hypocrisy?

If Global Warming is real, why did the delegates catch planes to the latest talks in Bangkok?


Surely this discredits once and for all the evidence of centuries of science, laws of physics and direct observation.

More taxpayer funded ABC bias

If any of us on the Right needed more confirmation bias of what we're up against, look no further than the April 1st story list for the 7.30 Report;

  • New Liberal Premier O'Farrell keen to meet with PM
  • Greens hopeful for Balmain seat victory
  • Labor must begin its recovery
  • Liberals swing when they're winning

When will we stop paying for this Leftist propaganda?

EMPTY today, April 13th

On my EMPTY 1950's show today:

- my clash with listener Paul. Debussy's Pelléas et Mélisande is not the hardest opera to perform.

- we discuss how the old dress code for Catholic Nuns was against Australian values.

- I ask the Minister of Defense the question the global warmists won't answer, "Exactly, how many lives did out military involvement in Iraq save?"

- Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery joins us - but refuses to say what the Earth's temperature will be in the year 3018 thanks to Julia Gillard’s global warming policies.

And more. Listen here

If the CSIRO’s warming predictions are right, why does it keep snowing?

The question that no warmist will answer - If over the course of the next century CSIRO's warming predictions are right, why did it snow yesterday on top of Mt Buller?

Even if I haven't asked him, why won't Climate Commissioner Flannery answer this simple question?


Am I missing something here? If Greenland really is losing ice, how do you explain this graph?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great comment

Often it is only in the comments section of blogs that you gain an insight into real science.

Take, for example, this comment from a popular blog;

1)no such thing as a ghgas....the ghe does not apply to the atmosphere,all gases absorb heat and all heated gases radiate heat (infrared light) in close proportion to their temperature.
2) temp lapse rate-change in temp with height as determined by gravity. 3) temp gradient is a term that refers to change in temp with height. note 2/3 are different entities,and you fail to grasp it is the sun that drives our warmth,not a gas.

So on the does it get so hot?i mean -is it the sun by any chance? or shouldn’t the moon according to your belief...stated repeatedely-without any a cold rock?..

isobar (Reply)
Fri 19 Nov 10 (12:31am)

 Now as you can see, "isobar" really has all bases covered.

To the untrained eye it may seem contradictory that there is "no such thing as a (greenhouse)gas" and yet "all gases absorb heat and all heated gases radiate heat". But isn't that exactly the flexibility that is missing in the so-called "peer reviewed" literature. Cohesion is just small thinking. What is wrong with holding two completely contradictory ideas at the same time?

And "isobar" follows on with some pretty cutting observations about the moon. Indeed, as he notes, "shouldn't the moon according to your belief [...] without any a cold rock?" I wouldn't want to be on the other side of those comments, after all there are plenty of rocks that are colder than -153°C.

Another Boat Arrives

Where were the Left?  I'll leave readers to draw their own conclusions.

What is it with the Left and Science?

Here is another example of barbaric Left ideology - physics.

This from a blog on climate change;

Using Kirchhoff’s law, absorptivity of a material = emissivity of a material for the same wavelength and direction. For diffuse surfaces – and for gases – direction does not affect these material properties, so they are only a function of wavelength. (And for all intents and purposes, absorptance is the same term as absorptivity, and transmittance is the same term as transmissivity).
Emission of radiation at any given wavelength for a blackbody (a perfect emitter) is given by Planck’s law, which is usually annotated as Bλ(T), where T = temperature.
The absorptivity of a gas, aλ = 1-tλ =emissivity of a gas, ελ.
For a very small change in monochromatic radiation due to emission:
dIλ = ελBλ(T) .ds        [10a]
dIλ = nσBλ(T) .ds        [10b]
So if now combine emission and absorption, equations 1 & 10:
dI/ds = nσ.(Bλ(T) – Iλ)    [11]
If we combine this with our definition of optical thickness, from equation [4]:
dIλ/dτ = Iλ – Bλ(T)     [12]
which is also known as Schwarzschild’s Equation – and is the fundamental description of changes in radiation as it passes through an absorbing (and non-scattering) atmosphere.
It says, in not so easy to understand English:

The change in monochromatic radiation with respect to optical density is equal to the difference between the intensity of the radiation and the Planck (blackbody) function at the atmospheric temperature
Sorry it’s not clearer in English.
In more vernacular and less precise terms:

As radiation travels through the atmosphere, the intensity increases if the Planck blackbody emission is greater than the incoming radiation and reduces if the Planck blackbody emission is less than the incoming radiation

When will this madness end?

More Flannery hypocrisy

Flannery on the 15th April 2002;

"I'm not very hungry today

Flannery on the 12th December 2007;

"Gee, I'm pretty hungry today"

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gore and his fellow alarmists are on thin ice

So much for all the alarmist warnings of melting ice.

As this graph shows we are no where near the lowest point for Arctic ice extent. And now apparently it will take a few more years for the Arctic to be ice free.

Just an innocent chat?

I'm not saying anything untoward is happening at this little get-together. Readers can make their own mind up.

No comments while my legal proceedings are underway.

Another Boat Arrives

When will the Labor party stop putting lives at risk?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Online carbon tax polling

As this story Bolted from the blue, one columnist said, "Awkward. That poll quickly vanished from the CFMEU website"


Elsewhere, Julie Bishop had to pull the poll on her web page for technical reasons after it mistakenly showed over 80% of respondents Strongly support or Support a carbon tax ;

What's happened to "global warming"

Only those on the Left would dispute that the recent temperature trend (green line) (2010-2011) is clearly downward. I wonder what Tim Flannery has got to say now?

Tips for April 1st 2011

Send me your tips.

Perhaps you've Googled "climate change" and found something that tens of thousands of scientists have overlooked.

Perhaps you've noticed a tiny piece of the climate puzzle that you think contradicts the generally established rules of physics or principles of planetary climate.

Bingo. Send it in.

Is something cooling? A river, a tree, a glacier, preferably something on Earth or at least in our galaxy - send it in.

Have you seen a Muslim? Do you have a Tim Flannery quote?

Tell us the news here.