Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lies and pointless gestures

Terry McCrann checks Julia Gillard’s latest global warming article and really cuts to the nub of what is important:

There was Julia herself at it again today using the word  “carbon” or variants no less than 23 times in one column. She managed an extraordinary six uses of the term in just two successive sentences. 
We all know the utterly disgraceful game that you and she and the rest of your colleagues are playing - proposing actual policy. 
Greenhouse gas emissions increased by a record amount last year, to the highest carbon output in history, putting hopes of holding global warming to safe levels all but out of reach, according to unpublished estimates from the International Energy Agency… 
Last year, a record 30.6 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide poured into the atmosphere, mainly from burning fossil fuel – a rise of 1.6Gt on 2009.
Why should Australia do anything? 

If the rest of the world is cutting, why are emissions rising?

Finally cause for celebration, the Guardian reports:

Greenhouse gas emissions increased by a record amount last year, to the highest carbon output in history, putting hopes of holding global warming to safe levels all but out of reach, according to unpublished estimates from the International Energy Agency… 
Last year, a record 30.6 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide poured into the atmosphere, mainly from burning fossil fuel – a rise of 1.6Gt on 2009...

Abbott on Abbott

Tony Abbott defines his ideology:

Ideologically, Abbott doesn’t like to be pigeonholed and he is indeed hard to describe with one label. “Great  Big New Tax” is misleading. He’s negative on environmental questions but on a range of policy issues he’s much more than negative. He was never positive on industrial relations and once his tough attitudes on welfare might have been labelled “negative”, but the debate has shifted; it is now about a "war" on middle class entitlements. 
He describes himself as both devoid of policy alternatives and negative. “A good leader, I mean every successful national leader, has transcended policy.”

The lady in first class instructs us to cut our emissions

Gerard Henderson is right - it’s the zero carbon footprint of the Cate Blanchetts that makes them a target:

One of the problems facing Tony Abbott is that so many of those who speak the loudest about the need to reduce carbon emissions have a strong long term personal commitment to cutting their own emissions footprint that would be the envy of most Australians.


Monday, May 30, 2011

How dare this ad tell such lies?

cate blancehtt

Count the lies in this one still from the ad in which Michael Caton and Cate Blanchett tell us to say “yes” to Julia Gillard’s carbon dioxide tax:

- No, that power station isn’t in Australia, but Britain.

- No, the sun doesn't look like that big cutout thing.

- No, solar panels aren't normally on grass hills

- No, I can't see any global warming.

- No, there's not normally a roped pulley system hanging from the sky.

How can such a lying ad show by people demanding we “respect the science”?

Third goal reached in four weeks

Thanks very much again: In only our fourth week we've lost only 43% of our viewers and our afternoon repeat is more popular:

The Clot Report    101,000
Insiders ABC1/24  225,000 

We’re chuffed.


A better way to look at these numbers is to compare two time slots of The Clot Report with one time slot for ABC's Insiders, in which case the numbers are:

The Clot Report     279,000
Insiders ABC1/24  225,000

Blog science poll results

The results from our first Blog Science Poll™ are in:

What is a better number for Planck's constant, 6.626×10^−34 J·S ?

pi                                  15 votes (31%) 
the Avogadro constant  19 votes (40%) 
6                                   25 votes (53%)

So while the percentages look interesting, the result is clear: Planck's constant should be 6.

Get your search engines ready for our next poll -

Does CO2 absorb and emit energy in the thermal infrared? 
It's plant food

Climate change is real, but Gillard’s claims are disgracefully false

Let’s fact-check the Prime Minister’s deceitful article in the Herald Sun today:

LAST Monday, I received a report from the Climate Commission confirming again that climate change is real.

Who disputes that climate change is real?

Most significantly, the report says the greatest contributor to recent climate change is carbon pollution caused by humans.

It does say that, but ignores the many bloggers and citizen scientists questioning that theory.

With the science so clear we shouldn’t waste time on shock jocks or politicians who rely on false claims to run their scare campaigns. They quote one crank or another in the same way people have argued the world is flat.

Mere abuse. If what I’ve said above is wrong, Gillard need only provide the contrary information - I mean apart from a report on the science from the Climate Commission. Some other contrary evidence.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tips for Saturday, May 28

Let us know what’s what.

Tomorrow on The Colt Report on Ten at 3.00am, and again at 4.30am: we continue our relentless obsession with Tim Flannery.

We're down to one guest,  Elmo, and we will be agreeing on my views of the world. And there's my Week of Spin.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Vision of Flannery.

For some reason the ABC’s Landline has not released a video from its 2007 interview with Tim Flannery for me to mock.

It features Flannery making this qualification,

If that trend continues then I think we're going to have serious problems

I was hoping to use a clip from it for my Sunday show to satisfy my obsession with Tim Flannery and imply that his observations negate both the whole science of planetary climate and the direct observations of global warming.

If anyone else by any chance has a copy of it, I'll forward you 20 copies of my book Still Not Sorry in exchange.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tips for this weeks TV show

Send us your tips. Anything please. Anything at all.

This week we're down to one guest. Elmo will be joining us to recap last weeks show.

Don't forget I'm still trying to give away signed copies of Still Not Sorry. Successful tips for The Clot Report get to own a dozen copies from the spares I have.


I’d love to believe it, but the credit is all theirs

Peter Brent is furious:

Recently, someone told me that a friend of theirs had heard their daughter's kindegarten teacher say that a Labor “insider” had told them that rightwing journalist, blogger and broadcaster Andrew Clot was “not worth two cents”.

He’s right to say this is wrong. I’m not a journalist at all.


We’re not so easily bullied

It seems indeed that the Gillard Government is waging a jihad against the Murdoch press:

Upset with unfavourable coverage of the $308 million set-top box program, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy took the unprecedented step of announcing a war of Islamic jihad against the Murdoch Press.  

Senator Conroy’s media adviser Lyall Johnson sent to all media press releases containing detailed answers to questions generated exclusively by The Australian… 
Former John Howard chief of staff Grahame Morris said releasing detailed answers to questions was a “vindictive and stupid way” to treat the media.

As The Daily Telegraph explained,

This sort of behaviour undermines our ability to spin stories into tabloid fodder.

I’ll have more to say - and more examples to give - on The Clot Report on Sunday.

And if the tax comes in and industry limps on?

Probably OTT, and completely baseless, but I'll post it anyway:

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has told a gathering of Australia’s manufacturers they must fight the carbon tax or their industry will die… 
"It can’t be fixed, it has to be fought, and if it’s not fought, the manufacturing sector in this country, I regret to say, is almost certain to die," he said. 
"I think this is as stark as that, the choice that you face - do you fight or do you die a horrible screaming death?" 
"Do you die or will you be given a nausea-inducing drug, strapped to a chair with your eyelids pinned open and forced to watch hours of films of extreme violence?"


And whale meat is a renewable resource, too

Matt Ridley asks - how renewable is renewable?

Contrast that with blue whales, cod and passenger pigeons, all of which plainly renew themselves by breeding. But exploiting them caused their populations to collapse or disappear in just a few short decades. It’s a startling fact that such “renewable” resources keep running short, while no non-renewable resource has yet run out: not oil, gold, uranium or phosphate.

Why does Climate Commissioner Flannery refuse to discuss my idea of using whale meat for baseload power?


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wong as wrong on sea as on air

Bob Carter, David Evans, Stewart Franks and William Kininmonth set the record straight:

4.4.The latest available data indicates... no global trend in sea-ice cover. Arctic sea ice extent today is similar to that in 1979, when satellite observations commenced...

If only the blinked warmists could understand the data. As Carter et al note, give or take a million square kilometres, Arctic sea ice extent has barely changed.


Seas stop warming and rising

Once more the evidence mocks the alarmists:

Yada, yada, yada

A good sign for the Liberals, a bad for Malcolm Turnbull:

ALL but two Coalition MPs have avoided a new briefing on climate change science, amid growing signs of ideology trumping scientific reality in opposition ranks. 
Former party leader Malcolm Turnbull and opposition climate spokesman Greg Hunt attended today’s briefing for MPs in Canberra by the Climate Commission. 
Liberal senator Nick Minchin dismissed the commission's report on current science as "offensive material about so-called science from fraudulent global warming alarmists". 
Fellow Coalition senator Eric Abetz questioned the credibility of Climate commissioner,Will Steffen BSc, MSc, PhD, Executive Director of the Climate Change Institute at the Australian National University, Canberra. "Why would he know more about climate change than me? We've all got Google," Mr Abetz said. 
And Nationals senator Ron Boswell today called the measurable sea level rise "fraudulent" and asked, "What on earth has sea level got to do with cliamte change?"
Mr Hunt today denied the Coalition was split over global warming. 
“No, no, ignore those guys, nothing to see here, we're not split,” he told ABC Radio.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The apocalyptic tradition continues

Rapture 1:

Outside Harold Camping’s Alameda house at 6:01 p.m. on Sunday, very little (save a cloud of shame and regret) hung over the false prophet’s abode where he and his family waited for the rapture. Camping had used numerology and The Bible to make a proclamation that he and his Family Radio followers would be beamed to heaven at 6:00 p.m. on May 21.

My Rapture :

TV show transcript with Our Lord the Esteemed Opposition leader.

Pick the newspaper for the devoted alarmist

The Australian:

The report says the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires and the 2003 Canberra fires could possibly be linked to climate change and it suggests climate change could be linked with lower rainfall, higher temperatures and elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide affecting the composition of vegetation and the fuel load for fires.
Drier conditions tended to make the fuel load more susceptible to burning and climate change increased the probability of extreme weather days, with extreme temperature, low humidity and high winds.

The Age:

The report says the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires and the 2003 Canberra fires could possibly be linked to climate change and it suggests climate change could be linked with lower rainfall, higher temperatures and elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide affecting the composition of vegetation and the fuel load for fires.
Drier conditions tended to make the fuel load more susceptible to burning and climate change increased the probability of extreme weather days, with extreme temperature, low humidity and high winds.

If it’s this serious, Gillard has to slug us

Terry McCrann says yesterday’s report by the Climate Commission demands...urgent action...(or else we will be) in deep trouble:

She wants to start the carbon tax at $20 a tonne - her Climate Change Minister Greg Combet (says) “well south of $40” (to give a ) sense of  (how) painless de-carbonising (is) 
The report [...] endorses it: she has to start (a) carbon tax... 
Or she rejects it.... (but) by sticking with $20 a tonne.....
....she has no intention of doing anything serious about climate change. 


Monday, May 23, 2011

Second goal reached in three weeks

Thanks very much again: In only our third week we've lost to Insiders:

The Clot Report 136,000
Insiders ABC1 207,000

But our figures are only down 38,000 on last week - much less than the network projected drop of 173999.

We’re chuffed.

And if South Africa sent over a whites-only team?

Imagine the outcry if NZ picked a Maori rugby team, yet

An AFL match will be staged as an exhibition event at the Africa Games in Mozambique in September. It will be between a team from South Africa and an Australian Aboriginal team. 


Good news - Maccabi Hakoah is undefeated in the F-League. Thanks in no small way to Maccabi Australia's wonderful mission,

to perpetuate and preserve the Australian Jewish community by developing and promoting the opportunity for Jewish athletes to share their identity through sport.

Blame Hiddink, not the emissions

Maybe we’re looking in the wrong place to explain some of the changes in the climate, admits one of Europe’s top soccer coaches:

Guus Hiddink has revealed a change in the climate at Chelsea since his spell as caretaker-manager two years ago.  
He wrote in his column in De Telegraaf: "It works well with Chelsea. Since I left two years ago I've been advising the club on things concerning the squad and I've noticed the attitude is much better. There has definitely been a change in climate at the club."
The Dutchman took over as caretaker-boss in February 2009 following the sacking of Luiz Felipe Scolari and guided the Blues to the FA Cup, combining his role in west London with his duties as Russia manager.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Campaign Launch.

While I can't allow you to comment I will post this picture of Bindi Cole's grandmother father for the second time in two days:



Ahead of the judgement in my trial I will be increasing the frequency of "no comment" posts - purely so readers can stay up to date.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Just the facts would shut us up

As I've asked many many times: why can't the warmists provide any facts?

And why won't any scientist counter my evidence herehere, here, here, here, and here?


McCarthyists hunt down conservatives in the ABC

With the fall of communism, anti-communist crusaders have turned there attention back on themselves. The latter day McCarthyists are hunting down moderate conservatives in the biased ABC:

MORE than 16 people have signed an online petition complaining about the ABC’s political coverage, with many saying a tough interview by 7.30 anchor Leigh Sales with Science and technology writer James Gleick is evidence of a lurch from the Far Right. 
The petition to “get the ABC further to the Right” appeared on a website owned by lobby group MenziesUp! some weeks ago. 
It says the ABC has become a “mouthpiece for lame conservatives” and is “a sad version of (Rupert) Murdoch’s Fox News”.


I’m stuffed at the Museum

I am continually warned by my lawyers not to launch into vindictive, inflammatory of racist tirades about the attempt by nine Aboriginals of pale complexion to have the Federal Court stop me from saying vindictive and inflammatory things about racial identity.

And so, while the judge considers my case, I have bitten my tongue, even though I am a law unto myself.

But apparently the rules do not apply to the other side as media outlets, including The Herald Sun, The Age and a Museum of Melbourne blog, have reported on the nature of the case.

I don’t think this attempt to tip the scale in an ongoing legal case by an institution is appropriate. But, once again, I am unable to debate this as I would like.

(No comments please, unless you really want to)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Carbon Tax analysis

Economics writer Terry McCrann crunches the numbers:

Julia's tax will give you herpes. It'll be with you forever and on everything.

How long until the Left concedes that this tax will also give you gonorrhea?

Treacherous Turnbull

No one is asking Malcolm Turnbull to stop using facts, but his fellow conservative party Liberals are entitled to ask why is he mentioning a policy of the British Conservative Government?

Yet here he is on Lateline, treacherously mentioning the British Conservative Prime Minister’s emissions reduction policy:

MALCOLM TURNBULL: Well, it is - the British Conservative Party has got a very different approach to climate change to the Liberal Party of Australia, which of course is its counterpart…
And the conservatives and David Cameron in particular take the view that there is an enormous opportunity to get onto the front foot and get into a leadership role in terms of clean technology, low-emission technology, that this is a coming technological revolution, it’s going to be - just like the information revolution or the industrial revolution, the green tech or clean tech revolution will be as significant as that as we hopefully move to de-carbonise the world’s economy.
Now, that is a very important technological shift. Britain has a prime minister with vision who wants to be part of that change. 

Normally it is a sackable offence to even acknowledge climate change, let alone mention climate change policy -particularly of another conservative government. Abbott must sack Turnbull immediately.

I reply to some of your great comments

Reader John asks;
Have any of these 97% of scientists bothered to look at the proximity of the moon and the radiation levels of the Sun?
john of wollongong
The short answer is no. No they haven't bothered. While sometimes all science is not captured by Google, I did a quick search and I think you might find more than a few warmists scientists kicking themselves for overlooking the Sun.

Reader Tadpole;

Joe Hockey uses the old “risk management” line about global warming.
A far bigger risk to humanity is an asteroid strike. So shouldn’t we be moving all our cities underground, just in case? It seems a prudent plan.
And it probably wouldn’t cost the world much more than the CO2 “risk management” plan, so why not, Joe?
Tadpole of Tomakin
You're right, the cost, comparatively, would be tiny. Additionally, if a massive asteroid strike wiped out the Earth's plant life we'd be in a safe atmosphere underground.

Reader Mervyn;

Add to this, the recently published study that has scientifically demolished the greenhouse effect [...] It’s a knockout punch to warmist theory. For the IPCC, it will surely mean ‘Checkmate’!
Mervyn Sullivan
I have been reliably informed by reader Professor Bob that the Earth has no Greenhouse Effect. It is completely un-reported in the mainstream media that the temperature in parts of the Earth is as high as 123°C and at night, like the moon, falls to -233°C.

Reader Tom,

Andrew whats with the tracking cookies this site keep,s on tagging me with?why?why so many?Im seriously concerned. As this hasn,t happened before.Is it the ALP?
tom (Reply)

Yes Tom, unfortunately it is the ALP. We're powerless to stop this ongoing invasion into our lives.

Solar Lunar Amplification Magnetic process explained

More evidence of how the global warming debate is only open to a select few with "qualifications"

Why isn't Piers Corbyn an IPCC author?

Is it censorship of alternative opinions? Watch here. You be the judge.

Tips for this weeks TV show

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guests demand we rearrange the furniture

Has any previous group of immigrants demanded so much, with the threat that otherwise it will not fit in?

The Government will invest $16 million of additional recurrent funding for Australia’sOrthodox Jewish dayschools.....(recognising) the unique circumstances and special needs of Orthodox Jewish Day schools. 
For a number of Orthodox Jewish schools, the current schools funding formula, the Socio-Economic Status (SES) model, does not produce a fair result due to the fact that: 
-Historical factors determine the location of synagogues. There is often no relationship between the socio-economic status of the area in which an Orthodox Jewish school is located and the financial capacity of parents whose children attend these schools; 
-Orthodox Jewish dayschools take all students, irrespective of ability to pay; and 
-Students attending these schools are often from large families, which makes paying even modest school fees a financial burden.


Catholic schools on average receive $7,685 per student in government funding (both state and federal) per year 

At such a price, is immigation worth the hassle?

(thanks to reader AS)

MT today, May 18

On our MT 1950s show today:

- Green hypocrisy.

- The Greens finally get some heat.

- Why it’s hard work for a Chris Uhlmann to ask the Greens the tough questions other reporters won’t.

- Why the Greens won’t come on our show.

- Green hypocrisy.

- Green vegtables.

And much more. Listen here.

More impressive Coalition policy

Liberal opposition Senator Nick Minchin,

The Government also needs to finalise a strategy to assist the economically disadvantaged to upgrade their analog equipment to digital. The elderly and others may also require technical assistance and support to ensure their digital equipment is properly installed and working.

Why don't we get this sort of commitment to our elderly citizens from the Gillard Labor Government?

(thanks to reader 'confessions')

Column - Gillard saved by lack of alternative gift plan.

Only one thing saves Julia Gillard from being knifed. It’s that poor Labor doesn’t have an obvious alternative gift plan.

She’s so shrunk in the job, that she took a football to her first White House meeting with the US President.

And Labor's harder heads are going soft with one suggesting flowers.The powerbrokers, in despair at the gift dilemma, don’t realise it still wasn’t a mistake to make her Prime Minister then - and won’t be a mistake to get her PA to do the shopping.

The fact is, it’s now too obvious to ignore, what I note here every day: that Gillard is finished.


Boat arrives, undeterred

The Gillard Government’s in-principle agreement with Malaysia shows no sign of working before it has started.

Another boat, reportedly carrying an asylum seeker, has been intercepted in Australian waters.

The Australian Government says the person on board will be taken to Christmas Island before they are sent to another country.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One law means no rabbinic law as well

What fits with Australian values is the idea that we are one people bound by one law, not rival peoples with each our own:

Since its inception in 1905, the Sydney Beth Din has been recognised as one of the pre-eminent rabbinic courts in the world. It serves Jewish communities in Australia, New Zealand and Asia as a forum for obtaining Jewish divorces, converting to Judaism, confirming personal status and adjudicating disputes stemming from divorce, business and community issues.
Firmly anchored in the principles of Halacha (Jewish law), the Beth Din conducts its affairs with confidentiality, competence, fairness, and integrity. It provides a modern forum that interfaces effectively with contemporary society in a professional, efficient, and user-friendly manner. The Sydney Beth Din collaborates with Gedolai Yisrael and the Israeli Chief Rabbinate on significant halachic issues.

Whoever wants to make their own private or religious arrangements about living together can do so, provided they do not conflict with Australian law. But for the law to specifically endorse verdicts of religious groups is to give them a power and legal standing that seems at odds with not just our notion of one law for all, but with our Constitution’s insistence on a separation of church and state:

116. The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.

Note, by the way, how multiculturalism encourages those who want to retribalise Australia, rather than stress what unites us.

All spend and tax

There were no tax increases in the budget - or so the budget papers said.

Terry McCrann does his own analysis:

And now we are getting the huge tax increases to haul the deficits in.

Can this Government get any more duplicitous? Now we are getting tax increases even when there aren't any tax increases.

CSIRO’s warming stops

CSIRO in 2010:

The State of the Climate snapshot, drawn together by CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology ... shows that Australia’s mean temperature has increased 0.7 degrees since 1960.... 
The report states that temperature observations, among others indicators, "clearly demonstrate climate change is real"...

Yet for the past five days the temperature has been exactly the same:
 MinMaxRain to 9am
Mon 16/059.0°C20.0°C0.0mm
Sun 15/059.0°C20.0°C0.0mm
Sat 14/059.0°C20.0°C0.0mm
Fri 13/059.0°C20.0°C0.0mm
Thu 12/059.0°C20.0°C0.0mm

Labor is close to panic™

Once more I suspect - Labor is close to panic™:

LABOR backbenchers have accused Julia Gillard’s inner circle of botching her wedding announcement and reverting to a Kevin Rudd-style government where the cabinet process is undermined. 
There was a sense of resignation among caucus members today over the wedding’s immediate future, with one warning of at least 12 months of “wedding planning” to come.... But there was anger in some quarters at “mistakes of our own making”. 
One backbencher said the Best Man, Wayne Swan, had made a clear error when he said Opposition Leader Tony Abbott wasn't invited to the bucks party.
 “He should have said, ‘yeah, you are’,” the source said


Monday, May 16, 2011

Tips for Tuesday, May 17

Tell us the news here.

No Israeli products sold in your suburb? Or no large kosher food section at your local supermarket? Let us know.

A book I’ve loved lately - not least for its brilliant reconstruction of early 19th century mores and manners - with four more in the series expected in the mail any day now.

Gillard finished. How many times must we say it?

Yet more proof that Julia Gillard is finished. How many times must we say it?

Answer: Over 23,000 times.


Reader J Bishop tells me I'm lacking balance. While I've said Gillard is finished over 23,000 times, I've noted Abbott is impressive only 5,600 times.

Point taken.

These aren’t “children” behind barbed wire

I warned of exactly this, too, having seen some 30 such photos myself:

Secret photos obtained by the Herald Sun reveal men with obvious signs of ageing, including crow’s-feet, wrinkles around their eyes and receding hairlines.

IMMIGRATION detainees are pretending to be teens to live a better life and have more fun. Victoria’s biggest youth immigration detention centre in Broadmeadows is filled with many asylum seekers acting like they're under 18 an investigation has discovered.

But just calling themselves children gets the Greens and the far-Left imagining babies behind barbed wire and protesting in horror:

"It's wonderful to see such joie de vivre", said Greens spokeswoman Amanda Rhian.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tips for Monday, May 16

Tell me the news and I'll tell you your views.

How was my second TV show?

My lively debate with the head of the Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association - too controversial?

Spin Unspun, Under the Radar, The Clot Report Inflammatory Commendation Award, Over the Radar, Best Spin - not enough?

More weekly awards?

Any suggestions for next week?


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Mathieson tells us what he hasn’t yet discussed with Julia

And I hope they will be happy:

JULIA Gillard’s partner, Tim Mathieson, wants to go to the football on Friday.
Mathieson, 54, who has been married before and has three children, is yet to discuss his plan with the PM.
But the “First Bloke” insists when the time is right he will take the lead and pop the question.
“I’d like to ask her,” he said. “We’re just happy with the way we are, but I would hope if I did ask her that of course she would say ‘yes’. Absolutely. After all its only a football game, and, well, she's at an ASEAN meeting in Thailand”

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to Write a Blog - Lesson 1

Many readers have asked me how I write my blog:
How do you do it? How do you explain to people what they want to hear?

Here are some simple rules.

1 . The Headline. 

This is the most important part of any post. Readers should rarely look past the story title before commenting.

Some examples of good headlines: “Govt steals more of your money”, “If it's science, where's the evidence?”,  “War on middle class welfare”, "Another boatload of welfare recipients".

Other examples are anything with "Tim Flannery" or "Al Gore" in the headline.

2. Provide links.

It doesn't matter where the link goes. For example, I like to link to previous posts as evidence to support the current post.

3. Simplicity.

When writing about complex problems only present a tiny piece of the puzzle. This is sufficient to draw your wide ranging conclusion.

4. Inference is more important than relevance.

 Is something cooling? Did a warmist catch a plane? Or use electricity? Is it raining in Melbourne again?

More lessons next week...

Attacking my right to free speech

My critics continue to try and silence me:

Thursday, May 12, 2011
Blogger will be in read-only mode while we resolve some maintenance issues.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Posted at 12:34 PDT

Friday, May 13, 2011
Blogger is back now.
Posted at 10:32 PDT


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fossil fuels?

The goal posts shift again. The Academy of Science states,

Climate change is not contingent on successful lobbying but is a consequence of burning fossil fuels.

That's a new one: now it's fossil fuels. One minute humans are causing climate change the next it's fossil fuels.

The story changes every day.

A dollar is only dirty in the hands of a sceptic

Global warmists seem to think there is something wrong with ExxonMobil connections to nine of the top ten authors of climate change denial papers.

But as Exxon clearly says,

Its opposition to action is a positive quest for "sound science" rather than business self-interest.

Why shouldn't one of the largest energy companies in the world fund an array of organizations?

The Warmist Leftists would have you believe that this is,

purely to create the appearance of a broad platform for a tight-knit group of vocal climate change contrarians to misrepresent peer-reviewed scientific findings 

Misrepresent science? You don't need to look any further than our own Ian Plimer to refute that sort of smear.

No Clot Retort

Those two weeks in court when I was CENSORED are described well in only Quadrant's 29th article on my plight, but I had better not describe it at all, in order to preserve my right to be inflammatory. Nor may you swarm to my defense. No comment, I’m afraid.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We’d just waste it ourselves

A Budget that was tough on Australians, who actually earned that money, but not so tough on others:

$4.5 billion will be dedicated to foreign aid, the same fixed percentage of GDP as every year, much of it spent on educational programs for our nearest neighbours.

The question no one on the left will answer: why do poor people need education? 


Reader NT Woman is all over this issue:
So then, how do we help homeless in Australia if the government won’t?
Aren’t our citizens worthy of help? Aren’t the homeless truly poor? How is it that (some) of us can see the need in another land, but ignore the need at home?
What about our people who still dont have houses or electricity after the floods and winter is coming or here?
I see overseas aid as santimonious and two faced, when it is at the expense of our own poor.

It is the PM's duty to go

{trial format}

More ABC bias

{trial format}

Column - A Grimm Budget, all right

I don't need to read the Budget papers or even listen to the Budget speech to know the Gillard Government’s first Budget is like a fairy tale about people who forgot how to save or even work.

Here's my analysis for you to use:

What a shameful waste, and the worst is that it’s wasted by a country which even this Government belatedly realises needs a big prod to get back to work and start earning the stuff. Other savings tell of the Government’s greatest folly—its falling for the global warming scare. 
How much else in this Budget tells of Labor failures? How many initiatives did Swan reveal last night to tempt people off benefits to which it seems millions are now addicted? 
This government is the most shameful government in my memory.

U.S. releases proof of Osama's death

Finally after pressure in my blog and on my new TV show the U.S. releases proof of Osama's death:

The CIA will show proof of Osama bin Laden’s death to select US lawmakers, though they must travel to the agency’s headquarters to see the photograph.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MT today, May 10

On our MT1950s show today:

- Terry McCrann joins us to talk about the Budget, which is shaping up to be equally incoherent.

- Why is the budget set to help the most vulnerable pensioners?

- I ask listeners their opinion: Does the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation support the last Glacial Inception?

- I discuss my take on my opinion of my show

And more. Listen here

Left’s tears for bin Laden

More tears of shame from the Left:

Geoffrey Robertson sobbed,
The extra-judicial killing was a denial of due process

And sobs of rage from Anti-Israel Bolshevik, Trotskyist activist Antony Loewenstein, who tearfully wrote,
Bin Laden’s, [terrorist] tactics were abhorrent and failed to attract huge numbers of followers

Clearly the Left deplores the killing of Osama bin Laden and supports terrorism.

Still no dead at Fukushima

Where are the scaremongers now?

As I have noted, experts like Anne Coulter agree,

...radiation is good for you...(it) protect(s) against cancer
...anyone exposed to excess radiation from the nuclear power plants is now probably much less likely to get cancer.

Why did an emergency resulting in zero deaths, that protected the Japanese from cancer, trigger such fear of radiation?

Tips for Tuesday May 10

Tell us the news. And I'll provide your views of the news.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Choose your products

Purely for academic interest, here is a list of Companies that did NOT advertise during my new TV show:

ABB Grain Limited Ace Radio Adam Internet ADInstruments Aerosonde Ltd AGL Energy Alinta Gas Alkane Exploration Allphones Allplastics Altium Altronics Australia Alumina Limited Amcor AMP Limited ANCA Angus and Robertson Ansell Aristocrat Leisure Limited Arnotts ASX Atlas Pacific Limited Austal Ships Austar Austcorp Austereo Radio Network Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) Australian Agricultural Company Australian air Express Australian Biodiesel Group Limited Australian Defence Industries Australian Ethanol Limited Australian Ethical Investment Australian Foundation Investment Company(AFI) Australian Gas Light Company Australian Healthcare Technology Limited Australian IT Company Australian Motor Industries (AMI) Australian Portable Toilet Supplies(APTS) Australian Railroad Group Australian Securities Exchange Australian Submarine Corporation Austrend International Ausway Avexa Limited AWB Limited AXA Babcock & Brown BAE Systems Australia Bakers Delight Bank of Queensland Bean Media Group Beaurepaires Becker Entertainment Bergstein Entertainment BHP Billiton Billabong Bluefish Communications Bluescope Blundstone Footwear Boag's Brewery Boost Juice Bars Boral Limited Brambles Industries Brisbane Capital Brown Brothers Milawa Vineyard Bulla Dairy Foods Bunnings Warehouse Burns, Philp & Company Ltd. Cadence Capital Limited Capital Dynamics Cbus Centro Properties Group Chemeq CHEP Chorus Call Australia CityRail Clarius Group Coca-Cola Amatil Cochlear Limited Cococontacts Pty Ltd Codan Limited Coles Group Lmt Compass Resources Computershare ConnectEast Country Energy Crazy John's Crown Limited Crumpler CSL Limited CSR Limited Darrell Lea David Jones Limited David Stubbs & Partners Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd De Bortoli Wines Delta Electricity Dick Smith Electronics Dick Smith Foods Dorf Clark Industries Limited Downer EDi Driza-Bone Dymocks Eagle Boys Effigy Press EFTel Elders IXL Elfin Cars EMQ Pty Ltd (not Emergency Management Queensland) Energex EnergyAustralia Engin EnviroMission Eraring Energy Ergon Esanda Finance Corporation Ltd Excel Events Flight Centre Florigene Foodland Supermarkets Fortescue Metals Group Foster's Group Franklins Freehand Group Funnelback Golden North Goodman Fielder Grocon Gunns GWA International Limited HAC Haigh's chocolates Harvey Norman Holdings Ltd. Healthscope Henry Jones IXL HIH Insurance Holden Honeysuckle Development Corporation IBENOX iiNet iLANs Integrated LAN Services Incat Insurance Australia Group Intergy Consulting Internode Systems Inxmail Australia Pty Limited IOOF Funds ITCompanies.com.au James Hardie Jetstar JLeutenegger Pty Ltd John Fairfax Holdings Kangaroo Bus Lines Kikki-K Kixstaart Kleenmaid L.J. Hooker Landor & Hawa Leading Edge Group Leighton Holdings Lend Lease Corporation Lifestyle Clotheslines Lion Nathan LiveBackup Lowes Menswear MAB Corporation Macquarie Bank Macquarie Infrastructure Group Madrigal Shipping Lines MagiKLEEN Premium Products Martin Print Mary Holland Pty Limited MEA Advisory MECWA Melbourne IT Metal Storm Metcash MFS Limited Mirvac Group Multiplex Murrays Myer MYOB Nash Timbers National Australia Bank NCR Systems netstarter Newcastle Port Corporation Newcrest Mining News Corporation Noggin IT Novogen Nufarm Ocean Officeworks OneSteel Oporto (restaurant) Optus Orbital Corporation Limited Orica Origin Energy Orocobre Ozinode Technologies Pte Ltd Pacific Star Network Limited Patrick Corporation Pauls Payless Entertainment People Telecom Peter Lehmann Wines PicNet Pty Ltd PIPE Networks Power Computers Primelife Pro-Perspective Promina Group Limited Qantas QMI Solutions Limited QR Quality Clotheslines Rail Control Systems Australia Rail Infrastructure Corporation Ramsay Health Care RE/MAX Red Rooster ResMed Retriever Communications Reynolds Stockbrokers Rinker Group Rio Tinto Group Rip Curl Rivers Australia Roy Morgan Research Safeport security Safety Australia Sanitarium Health Food Company Santos Sausage Software Seamless CMS Seek Limited Shivam Technologies Sigma Company Silverton Rail Sino Gold Slater & Gordon SME Secrets Smorgon Steel Snowy Hydro Limited Spaceframe Construction & Engineering SPC Ardmona St. George Bank Stanwell Corporation Strategic Marine Suncorp-Metway Sydney Ferries Corporation Sydney Water TAA-Australian Airlines Tabcorp Holdings Tarocash Telstra Tenix Defence Three Threes Tip Top Bakeries TJ Maxx Toll Holdings Total Peripherals Group (TPG) Toy Kingdom TransPerth Transurban UGL Limited Uplifting Solutions Village Cinemas Village Roadshow Limited Virgin Australia Visual Obsession Walton Construction Wattyl Limited Wesfarmers Westfield Group Westnet Westpac (Westpac Banking Corporation) Woods Bagot Woodside Petroleum Woolworths WorleyParsons XO Interior Systems Zinifex Limited

Quick guide - When can we trust the Temperature Data?

Here is the GISTEMP data from 1970:

Now lets look at GISTEMP data for last year:

TV show transcript

Transcript of my Tony Abbott interview on The Clot Report:

Clot: My next guest is the esteemed Leader of the opposition Tony Abbott. Welcome. 
Abbott: Thanks Andrew. 
Clot: Thanks for being on my first show. 
Abbott: Thanks. 
Clot: No thank you.  
Abbott: May it flourish 
Clot: May it flourish indeed 
{commercial break} 
Clot: Tony, is the Gillard Government the worst government in the history of Australia? 
Abbott: Look, this is a big bad t... 
Clot: But Tony are they the most duplicitous government you've ever seen? 
Abbott: Look, this is a big bad tax. That’s what it is, it’s a big bad tax and it doesn’t matter what you do to it, it will still be a big bad tax. What she needs to do is just drop it. Drop it now, not this week, not next week, but now. 
Clot: Thank you very much for joining us today. 
Abbott: And Andrew look, congratulations on the programme. 
Clot: May I flourish. 
Abbott: May you flourish indeed. 
Clot: That’s good of you. 
Abbott: Flourish 
{fading to black} 
Clot: Flourish 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

New TV show - My take on your Feedback

Thanks very much to all my readers for their feedback on The Clot Report.

My take on all your feedback:

1. More balance. Viewers were concerned that all the guests were from the Right with no one representing the Far Right. Point taken.

2. Interrupt people. While I make every attempt to talk over other people there is no doubt I could do better.

3. Why have guests. As a follow on from point 2, most viewers felt I could do away with guests on the show and just quote myself. 

4. Other feedback pointed out that "nearly everyone watched it" and it was "Gold Logie material".

All in all, not quite the best show ever seen on television, but almost no need for improvement. (counterpoint - many viewers commented that I showed false modesty and noted "you can’t improve on perfection")


Channel 10 has cancelled The Clot Report immediately after the first show.