Monday, October 24, 2011

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The thought of anonymity makes Andrew (57) nervous. "As an intern you can easily ask for help, but as a journalist, I feel I should be constantly dog whistling to attract attention" 
Mastering life on the Right is just one more of life’s hurdles for Andrew. His story is incredible. 
Andrew was born in Singleton and grew up in a housing commission place in Stockton. His white mother struggled with five children and life was difficult at best. When he was 15, Andrew left home and put himself through the rest of high school, the only child in his family to do so. He didn’t get a great finishing mark - struggling to get his facts right at exam time - but when a friend suggested he pretend to be a white middle class male he agreed and was encouraged to start blogging. When people actually read his inflammatory copy, Andrew says “I nearly fell out of bed.” 
Andrew was admitted to journalism after pretending to be part of the old boys program. He went to Southbank from 8am until 9am and then worked on radio until 9.30 am to make ends meet. In his first year he became engaged and had to cope with learning opera as well.
Andrew is now deciding between climate change denialism or racial profiling as his specialty.

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