Thursday, July 28, 2011

GetUp turns to ShutUp

The creeping totalitarianism of the Left:

Under the commercial broadcasting code of conduct, broadcasters are required to make reasonable efforts to ensure that factual material is accurate, and are given 30 days to make a correction after they receive an initial complaint.
GetUp! had made a complaint to the Australian Communications and Media Authority that says the broadcaster 2GB was wrong when he stated human beings produce only 0.001 per cent of carbon dioxide in the air 
GetUp! has also alleged Mr Jones contravenes another section of the code of conduct which requires broadcasters to give ''reasonable opportunities'' to ''significant viewpoints'' on ''controversial issues of public importance''.

Mr Jones today denied ever having made the comment and said the complaint was politically motivated.

"I never said that at all," he told AAP.

And Jones quite rightly points out:

Much of my stuff is opinion … I am a broadcaster, I don't pretend (to know what I'm talking about)..." 
''… (my)opinions lack validity...(my) opinions are extreme..."

Why shouldn't  Alan Jones be entitled to his own facts?

And what gives GetUp! the right to use the existing complaints process for the codes of practice developed by the industry itself under section 123 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992?

Surely the complaint process should only be used so we can complain about the ABC?

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  1. f we overlook the fact that you can clearly hear on the audio Jones saying that human beings produce only 0.001 per cent of carbon dioxide in the air, then we can take Jones at his word - that he "never said that".