Friday, July 1, 2011

So much for Weather Underground

I analyse the science and put Weather Underground founder Jeff Masters's list to the sword:

Earth’s hottest year on record
gotcha - equal hottest with 2005

Most extreme winter Arctic atmospheric circulation on record
um, the atmosphere always circulates

Arctic sea ice: lowest volume on record, 3rd lowest extent
ah huh , third lowest is not the lowest.

Record melting in Greenland, and a massive calving event
calving? there are no cows in Greenland

Second most extreme shift from El Niño to La Niña
second is for losers.

Second worst coral bleaching year
Wettest year over land
but what about over water?

Amazon rainforest experiences its 2nd 100-year drought in 5 years
so the other 98 years were not in drought, yes?

Global tropical cyclone activity lowest on record
that's good

A hyperactive Atlantic hurricane season: 3rd busiest on record
better to be busy than idle

A rare tropical storm in the South Atlantic
if it's rare, then we're lucky to have seen it - bit like Halley's comet

Strongest storm in Southwestern U.S. history
finally number 1

Strongest non-coastal storm in U.S. history
ok so number 1 again...

Weakest and latest-ending East Asian monsoon on record
well that's not number 1

No monsoon depressions in India’s Southwest Monsoon for 2nd time in 134 years
who wants monsoon depressions anyway - no point getting upset about it.

The Pakistani flood: most expensive natural disaster in Pakistan’s history

The Russian heat wave and drought: deadliest heat wave in human history

Record rains trigger Australia’s most expensive natural disaster in history
blah blah

Heaviest rains on record trigger Colombia’s worst flooding disaster in history

ok, enough with the "worst in history"

So there you have it: I do the science while Masters beats a drum.

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  1. No, you're my number one AB! *Smooch*