Thursday, June 16, 2011

Column - Global warming saves lives, so why don’t they say so?

Again I must ask: if global warming is so clear a theat, why all these deceits?

Take Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery: this week he was at it again, insisting global warming was already drowning some of our islands.

Oh, really, Tim? Which ones? When?

In fact, (ignoring the trend over the last century) sea levels have dropped over the past few weeks.

And over the past decade the world - surprise! - hasn’t warmed at all

And what about the claim that "less snow and a shorter snow season appear likely" and the CSIRO 2003 study which warned that ski resorts could face a shorter season over the coming 100 years?

Well this year’s snow seasons has opened early ! So much for that study.

You are being deceived yet again.

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