Monday, June 20, 2011

A stain on all scientists

Australia's scientific community will launch a campaign tonight aimed at redressing what it says is the damage to science which is being caused by climate change denial:

At its annual gathering in Canberra today, the Federation of Australian Science and Technological Societies, which represent the interests of some 68,000 Australian scientists and technologists, will tell politicians that the campaign being run against scientific evidence of man-made climate change "is undermining the national building work of all scientists"…
"The valuable and credible work of all scientists is under attack as a result of a noisy misinformation campaign by climate denialists...." the federation’s chief executive officer, Anna-Maria Arabia, said.

Oh really?

Lets just ignore the 68,000 scientists and technologists for the moment and ask: who has the most qualifications? The administrative head of this organisation, Anna-Maria Arabia or Professor Richard Lindzen?


Arabia should pull her head in - and the other 68,000 heads - and apologise.


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