Friday, June 17, 2011

A picture of mutual loathing

No talkies may be safer, after all

Renewed tensions between the two rivals were obvious in their body language when they were later seen sitting in the courtyard of the Herald Sun building - both unable to look at each other or share a word…


Rumours, rumours:

Later yesterday, there were rumours of at least two screaming matches between the pair in the past 24 hours.

In one case, a rumour ran, the pair clashed late yesterday over who made up the spin 'carbon dioxide tax' , when in fact their discussion was understood to have concerned whether Julia's tax will give you herpes.


  1. Please tell me that isn't a latte in front of you


  2. No, its not a latte, er, I mean it's not my latte, Terry had two lattes.

    I told him not to - he can be very stubborn. He's a live-wire at the best of times. He doesn't need two coffees and he certainly doesn't need to drink lattes