Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Warmies wilt with their fuzzy logic

After five years of hype Tim Blair analyses the science;

Speaking at the National Press Club last week, Chief scientist Ian Chubb said, 
"There are probably people now thinking I'm partisan for saying the science is in on climate change," said Chubb.

"...90 per cent of experts in climate science are all of one view. And that is that the planet is warming and humans have intervened to accelerate that process

"So somebody who comes along and says it's not true doesn't deserve equal weight. They deserve to have their views considered if they've gone through the proper and scientific process and it's ended up in the peer review literature."

"Well, I don't think that's partisan"

So Blair cuts to the heart of the principles of planetary climate to refute the Chief Scientist;

Bully for you, chief scientific person! 
Maybe ... you can explain to the rest of us what Julia Gillard really meant when she said there would be no carbon tax under a government she led.

What say ye now Chief Scientist?

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