Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Teach science instead: ban warming in the classroom

Fewer fads and more science, please:

Physics and chemistry could be axed from (England’s) national curriculum in a move to strip science back to being completely basic. 
Climate change should be cut in order to ‘remove science from the science’, according to the Government adviser overseeing a major overhaul of teaching in England and Wales

But in a foolish land where the Education Minister is a former Australian Conservation Foundation president...:

SCHOOL Education Minister Peter Garrett has confirmed the Gillard government will not stop the teaching of physics and chemistry in the classroom following a move in Britain for the subject to be withdrawn from the national curriculum. 
Mr Garrett clarified last night that climate change was not taught as a curriculum subject in its own right in Australian schools, but could be adequately dealt with by fundamental physics and chemistry classes. 

Meanwhile, Liberal senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells said she hoped the curriculum would reflect right wing opinion and not just science if there were a divergence of views on the subject of climate science. "If there are different opinions, then it's important in our schools that those opinions are taught," she said.

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