Friday, April 22, 2011

Should Liberals boycott QI ?

Pauline Hanson's one time advisor, John Pasquarelli, has more advice:

The next target for a Coalition determined to take on their media enemies is the ABC’s QI which is simply a disgrace where Coalition dummies are set up to be shot down: I can’t understand how people can be so desperate to get their heads on TV that they jettison all pride and dignity. 
Boycotting QI will destroy the show as it will not survive just having Stephen Fry and Alan Davies.

From now on, Coalition MPs should firmly resist the efforts of their PR staff to participate in mindless and destructive stunts saying, "thanks for the offer but with all respect I haven’t come here to make a fool of myself for your cameras"


  1. Spicks and Specks is obviously biased towards the right as well. And don't get me started on "In the Night Garden"....

  2. Or is it the left Spicks and Specks is biased towards..... yes sorry I meant the left! Your ABC!