Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Column - How Flannery helped to kill the warming scare

Puzzled historians will one day ask how climate change action died so suddenly.

If the world they find themselves in is barely inhabitable, who will they have to blame? Certainly not columnists like myself. One name - Tim Flannery.

If your children are doing badly at school, who can you blame? Tim Flannery. If your power bills are rising because of capex costs on aging infrastrucure, who can you blame? Tim Flannery. Has another illegal boat load of Muslims arrived at Christmas Island? Tim Flannery. Mother in law giving you the shits? Tim Flannery.

Have you seem a hypocrite? Someone who supports the scientific consensus but has caught a plane, driven a car or used a computer? It can all be traced back to King Hypocrite Flannery.

And who could resist laughing and laughing, until not only Flannery but the entire global warming circus stands revealed at last as the biggest joke since ... since ... well, since the scare about ozone depleting substances.


  1. I wondered how Port beat the Crows on Saturday. Now I know - it's bloody Flannery's fault.

  2. I'm not an extremist but Tim Flannery and his ilk should all be water boarded until he tells the truth as I see it. Disgusting.

  3. I'm certainly not an extremist either but if waterboarding doesn't make him say what we would prefer to hear then perhaps simultaneously being subjected to forced standing, Palestinian hanging, forced nudity, and sexual humiliation may be a practical solution.

  4. Nah, he doesn't need all that torture. Perhaps just dock his pay down to a respectable 55K per annum, that would be punishment enough for that snake oil salesman.