Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great comment

Often it is only in the comments section of blogs that you gain an insight into real science.

Take, for example, this comment from a popular blog;

1)no such thing as a ghgas....the ghe does not apply to the atmosphere,all gases absorb heat and all heated gases radiate heat (infrared light) in close proportion to their temperature.
2) temp lapse rate-change in temp with height as determined by gravity. 3) temp gradient is a term that refers to change in temp with height. note 2/3 are different entities,and you fail to grasp it is the sun that drives our warmth,not a gas.

So on the moon-....how does it get so hot?i mean -is it the sun by any chance? or shouldn’t the moon according to your belief...stated repeatedely-without any GHGases..be a cold rock?..

isobar (Reply)
Fri 19 Nov 10 (12:31am)

 Now as you can see, "isobar" really has all bases covered.

To the untrained eye it may seem contradictory that there is "no such thing as a (greenhouse)gas" and yet "all gases absorb heat and all heated gases radiate heat". But isn't that exactly the flexibility that is missing in the so-called "peer reviewed" literature. Cohesion is just small thinking. What is wrong with holding two completely contradictory ideas at the same time?

And "isobar" follows on with some pretty cutting observations about the moon. Indeed, as he notes, "shouldn't the moon according to your belief [...] without any GHGases..be a cold rock?" I wouldn't want to be on the other side of those comments, after all there are plenty of rocks that are colder than -153°C.


  1. Andrew I cannot wait until your show the Clot Report starts on Channel 10. Thank goodness you will be replacing that leftist drivel known as Video Hits. I cannot watch that show due to Faustina continually shoving her leftist views down viewers throats. Just to show how leftist she is, not only is she a woman but she's one of those ethnic darky types too.
    Anyway I have my tin foil hat prepared waiting for May 8.

  2. Isobar spelled backwards is ... rabosI

    Makes you think, doesn't it.

  3. I think Isobar is absolutely brilliant. Never mind climate scientists, decades of atmospheric research using weather balloons, satellite observations etc - there is no such thing as a greenhouse gas. And he/she has thought it all out all on his/her own.

    Nobel prize please!

  4. Anonymous, you say "Isobar is absolutely brilliant"

    I couldn't agree more. It takes a true maverick to ignore observational evidence and the laws of physics. No doubt the so-called "peer reviewed" literature will not publish this sort of challenge to consensus thinking.

  5. Isobar is one of Andrew's favourites. I had a session with him once. He ended up by claiming that he worked in the area of climate research... My theory was that he cleaned the toilets in the Bureau of Meteorology.