Wednesday, April 13, 2011

If the CSIRO’s warming predictions are right, why does it keep snowing?

The question that no warmist will answer - If over the course of the next century CSIRO's warming predictions are right, why did it snow yesterday on top of Mt Buller?

Even if I haven't asked him, why won't Climate Commissioner Flannery answer this simple question?


Am I missing something here? If Greenland really is losing ice, how do you explain this graph?

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  1. What a refreshing change to see such a litterate and numberate person like yourself taking on the warming alarmists. And with things like graphs yet!!

    I mean it may as well be barse ackwards for all it means to me, but its a huge comfort to all of us all to know you're on top of such things.

    Thank you a thousand times. Keep giving them hell in a handbasket.