Thursday, April 21, 2011

Off to visit the Queen


Good lord. What on earth is she wearing? Does that shade of red really match the stylish paint-stroke Mimi tea dress with cut-outs and form-fitting top from the young designer recently anointed by fashion's fairy godmother, Sarah Jessica Parker?

I've said it before; this government is the worst in my memory.

(Thanks to reader J. Dally-Watkins)


  1. The witch JuLIAR is trying to capitalise on Michael Jackson's still warm corpse with that hideous tasteless glove.

    Burn the witch! Dunk her then burn her!!!

    Isnt that right Andrew!!1!

  2. Its spooky how JuLIAR resembles Jacko. She must of had a face make over at massive tax payers expense to emulate her idol. Shameless. Disgusting.