Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What will the temperature be in the year 4018 ?

The question the warmists still won't answer - exactly how much will Gillard's carbon tax have change the global  temperature by 4018?

And how much will it cost over the next 2007 years?

Terry runs a level head over the numbers;

Even if we assume the fraudulently low Treasury figures of $5 billion cost per year and if we don't include any of the fraudulent socialist income side of the balance sheet, then taxing our breathing with the plant food tax over the next 2017 years, compounded at 5%, will cost $1,785 Trillion. That is a over $81 million for every Australian. 

If a newspaper columnist can work that out, why aren't the Australian people being told these numbers? I've said it before - this Government is the most incompetent in my memory.


  1. I don't think the issue is so much what the temperature will be in 4018, as much as what the temperature will be on April 7 4018.

    Climate is best compared at daily intervals.

  2. I can tell you from my own research, there is not one peer reviewed study that looks at the temperature on April 7th 4018. This alone should be evidence enough of the enormity of the fraud perpetuated by the IPCC.