Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Julia’s tax: rejected by Terry McCrann, and now big polluters say no

The Big Emitters Council of Australia declares war on Julia Gillard’s carbon dioxide tax in this letter to the Prime Minister:

First, our members believe in framing our carbon pricing policy Australia should act last, not in tandem with international action. We believe that a responsible policy would ensure that Australia avoids any proportional committment to action and the advantages of our high emissions per capita energy industry are not diminished because of environmental concerns.
Australia's policy should recognise that although we are one of the largest per capita emitters in the world a better way to frame this debate is that since we account for only 1.5% of global greenhouse emissions we should play no role in the international communities efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

Terry has a more nuanced analysis:

This is a government and a Prime Minister in utter self-destruction mode. They are careering to disaster. 
It is pointlessly destructive. CO2 is plant food. This is a tax on our breathing. How much are you going to stop breathing at $20 dollars per tonne?  Why exactly is this government and this PM embarked on an attack on the nation’s prosperity? 
Why do humans need a planet with conditions that humans are able to live on? 

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  1. Disgusting. That's the only word I can think of to describe JuLIAR's disposession of this proud nation's gusto.

    Terry is a truth teller. What's the use of a habitable planet if there's no prosperity? Prove him wrong!!1!