Monday, May 30, 2011

Climate change is real, but Gillard’s claims are disgracefully false

Let’s fact-check the Prime Minister’s deceitful article in the Herald Sun today:

LAST Monday, I received a report from the Climate Commission confirming again that climate change is real.

Who disputes that climate change is real?

Most significantly, the report says the greatest contributor to recent climate change is carbon pollution caused by humans.

It does say that, but ignores the many bloggers and citizen scientists questioning that theory.

With the science so clear we shouldn’t waste time on shock jocks or politicians who rely on false claims to run their scare campaigns. They quote one crank or another in the same way people have argued the world is flat.

Mere abuse. If what I’ve said above is wrong, Gillard need only provide the contrary information - I mean apart from a report on the science from the Climate Commission. Some other contrary evidence.

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