Friday, May 27, 2011

Vision of Flannery.

For some reason the ABC’s Landline has not released a video from its 2007 interview with Tim Flannery for me to mock.

It features Flannery making this qualification,

If that trend continues then I think we're going to have serious problems

I was hoping to use a clip from it for my Sunday show to satisfy my obsession with Tim Flannery and imply that his observations negate both the whole science of planetary climate and the direct observations of global warming.

If anyone else by any chance has a copy of it, I'll forward you 20 copies of my book Still Not Sorry in exchange.


  1. I feel like you've dropped off on your Flannery posts lately - maybe only 12 per week. I'd like to be able to defame and belittle him every hour. What chance "The Hourly Flannery" ??

  2. I've noticed that Flannery has small eyes and squints around a lot. He is pure evil.

  3. Are there actually 20 copies of that book still in existence?