Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Daily Flannery

Last summer Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery said:

You know, 60 per cent of people consistently now, for a number of years, have wanted something done about climate change. That’s why the government is acting.

In fact, four months later, a poll specifically about acting on climate change via a carbon tax says:

...the latest Newspoll survey reveals 60 per cent of voters are opposed to the government’s plan to put a price on carbon next year.

I'll leave readers to make their own link here to Flannery's hypocrisy and why this really does call into question 150 years of climate science, direct observation and the laws of physics.


  1. And for balance we should be listening to Plimer 60% of the time on the ABC now. Yippee!!!

  2. Although as I've noted hundreds of times before, the ABC is now only employing Muslim extremists

  3. And 60 per cent of those Muslium exrtremists are atheistic Green totalitarians.