Thursday, May 26, 2011

We’re not so easily bullied

It seems indeed that the Gillard Government is waging a jihad against the Murdoch press:

Upset with unfavourable coverage of the $308 million set-top box program, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy took the unprecedented step of announcing a war of Islamic jihad against the Murdoch Press.  

Senator Conroy’s media adviser Lyall Johnson sent to all media press releases containing detailed answers to questions generated exclusively by The Australian… 
Former John Howard chief of staff Grahame Morris said releasing detailed answers to questions was a “vindictive and stupid way” to treat the media.

As The Daily Telegraph explained,

This sort of behaviour undermines our ability to spin stories into tabloid fodder.

I’ll have more to say - and more examples to give - on The Clot Report on Sunday.


  1. As a non-journalist I'm surprised you were able to understand this

  2. I can't wait for The Clot Report spin on this... it is outrageous that the Govt can undermine tabloids' ability to mislead their readers.