Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tips for this weeks TV show

Give us tips, please. Hungry for them for the The Clot Report. This week I face off with myself. Don't miss the lively debate.



Don't forget the first successful tip for The Clot Report "I'm still spinning" segment gets to own a signed copy of Still Not Sorry from the dozens and dozens of spares I have.


  1. If you get 2 tips up, will you get 2 books?

    That would be an amazing incentive.

  2. It's exponential. So y=e^x. (where y is the number of books you receive and x is the number of tips).

    So 2 tips will get you 7 books and 4 tips, for example, will get you 54 books.

  3. Andrew surely you're already read that the exponential function is just the product of repeated multiplications by left wing mathmeticians who need to keep their grant money rising (exponentially)?