Thursday, May 19, 2011

I reply to some of your great comments

Reader John asks;
Have any of these 97% of scientists bothered to look at the proximity of the moon and the radiation levels of the Sun?
john of wollongong
The short answer is no. No they haven't bothered. While sometimes all science is not captured by Google, I did a quick search and I think you might find more than a few warmists scientists kicking themselves for overlooking the Sun.

Reader Tadpole;

Joe Hockey uses the old “risk management” line about global warming.
A far bigger risk to humanity is an asteroid strike. So shouldn’t we be moving all our cities underground, just in case? It seems a prudent plan.
And it probably wouldn’t cost the world much more than the CO2 “risk management” plan, so why not, Joe?
Tadpole of Tomakin
You're right, the cost, comparatively, would be tiny. Additionally, if a massive asteroid strike wiped out the Earth's plant life we'd be in a safe atmosphere underground.

Reader Mervyn;

Add to this, the recently published study that has scientifically demolished the greenhouse effect [...] It’s a knockout punch to warmist theory. For the IPCC, it will surely mean ‘Checkmate’!
Mervyn Sullivan
I have been reliably informed by reader Professor Bob that the Earth has no Greenhouse Effect. It is completely un-reported in the mainstream media that the temperature in parts of the Earth is as high as 123°C and at night, like the moon, falls to -233°C.

Reader Tom,

Andrew whats with the tracking cookies this site keep,s on tagging me with?why?why so many?Im seriously concerned. As this hasn,t happened before.Is it the ALP?
tom (Reply)

Yes Tom, unfortunately it is the ALP. We're powerless to stop this ongoing invasion into our lives.

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  1. It is amazing what you can discover just by Googling. Why haven't scientists googled climate change instead of wasting taxpayers money on "research"