Saturday, May 7, 2011

Column - Boatloads of welfare recipients

More evidence emerges that asylum seekers arriving in Australia have not organised jobs ahead of time. Indeed very few buy their own home within the first 2 months of arrival.


In their first five years here, after becoming permanent residence or citizens, 85 per cent of refugees are on the same income tested Centrelink benefits - like Family Tax Benefit Part A or Part B - as the rest of the population.

Additionally, as I've noted previously :

Amongst new arrivals from Iraq and Afghanistan, the greatest unemployment rate was recorded in Banking and Finance, with less than one in 10 finding full-time work and 93.7 per cent of households receiving no bonus payment or stock options plan.

Even though these figures are for asylum seekers that arrived more than five years ago during the Howard Government, it is clearly still evidence of the Gillard Government's bungled refugee program.


  1. The picture says it all really. You can practically see their beady little greedy eyes coveting our lifestyle and jobs and social benefits. In fact I swear they are salivating, ,, no wait that's me sorry.

    Please keep these damning pictures coming, they show graphically what we all feel and therefore know to be true anyway.

  2. Why can't we see any children on the boat? Just sayin'.