Friday, May 6, 2011

Jobless refugees are now ours

How much is our refugee program costing, and what kind of citizens are we gaining?

According to a damning Federal Government report into the humanitarian settlement program some refugees take a long time to get a job. And 83 per cent of those households now rely on welfare payments for income. 
Amongst new arrivals from Iraq and Afghanistan, the greatest unemployment rate was recorded  in Banking and Finance, with less than one in 10 finding full-time work and 93.7 per cent of households receiving no bonus payment or stock options plan.

Why were these statistics, contained in a Department of Immigration and Citizenship report, released last Friday during the Royal wedding?

Why weren't our tax payer funded public servants watching the wedding?

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  1. How dare these come here to be persecuted when they could have quite happily stayed where they were and be persecuted as well, if not killed! That would have taught them.