Sunday, May 29, 2011

From today’s Clot Report - holding alarmists to account


Sorry my wrong  - actual Clot Report footage here


  1. You are absolutely right, Andrew, you are absolutely right! Scientists - what would they know? They've only been studying the actual data for all of their working lives, thousands of them and all of them wrong and you right!

    You've shown us all you really have to do is a 10 minute search on Google to find a crackpot website that agrees with your views. Who needs to study this "data"?

    Data is just a left wing plot!

  2. I loved seeing all the same Flannery quotes again. They really are the gift that just keeps on giving. As long as Flannery once said a dam might run dry, that's good enough for me - game over. 150 years of climate science and direct observation out the window. Well done Mr Clot.

  3. I just like that your plancks constant poll percentages add up to more than 100 lol