Friday, May 20, 2011

McCarthyists hunt down conservatives in the ABC

With the fall of communism, anti-communist crusaders have turned there attention back on themselves. The latter day McCarthyists are hunting down moderate conservatives in the biased ABC:

MORE than 16 people have signed an online petition complaining about the ABC’s political coverage, with many saying a tough interview by 7.30 anchor Leigh Sales with Science and technology writer James Gleick is evidence of a lurch from the Far Right. 
The petition to “get the ABC further to the Right” appeared on a website owned by lobby group MenziesUp! some weeks ago. 
It says the ABC has become a “mouthpiece for lame conservatives” and is “a sad version of (Rupert) Murdoch’s Fox News”.


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  1. Re the linked article from The Age:
    In 2009 Andrew Leigh was an economist. In 2011 he is...? And - Gans's surname is German for 'goose'.

    QED. XPT. TLA.