Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Going cold on Global Warming

Another blow to the scaremongers. A new study in Nature Geoscience finds the glaciers in one out of six  Himalayan areas are growing or stable:

The researchers looked at six areas of the Himalaya. 
In the Hindu Kush, they found that 27% were stable or advancing, while 73% were in retreat. 
In the monsoon-dominant areas,Western Himalaya 13% advancing or stable, 87% in retreat. 
In the south Central Himalayas 35% were advancing or stable, and 65% were in retreat. 
On the Tibetan side, the north Central Himalaya 18% stable or advancing, 83% in retreat. 
In the West Kunlun Shan,21% were advancing or stable and 79% were in retreat. 
In the most north-westerly area, the Karakoram, where winter westerlies greatly aid accumulation,58% were advancing or stable and 42% were in retreat.

Why do I get blank stares from the climate change warmists when I ask the simple question:

 If global warming is real why are glaciers retreating significantly in only 5 out of 6 Himalayan areas?


  1. The measurements are wrong in the other five regions because of the urban heat effect on ruler length.

  2. And the Urban Heat effect is why the satellite temperature record is wrong.

    Because of space debris, like air conditioners and bitumen, artificially raising the temperature measurement of the atmosphere.

  3. The blank stares are because we're talking about blank, starey types who have no idea. Whereas you and even your commenters are obvious authorities.

  4. Blank stares are due to the cold - hypothermia. But if we heatthings up a bit.......

  5. Unbelievable. He's quoting a creationist, anti-abortion web site as a source of objective news on climate change.