Monday, May 16, 2011

These aren’t “children” behind barbed wire

I warned of exactly this, too, having seen some 30 such photos myself:

Secret photos obtained by the Herald Sun reveal men with obvious signs of ageing, including crow’s-feet, wrinkles around their eyes and receding hairlines.

IMMIGRATION detainees are pretending to be teens to live a better life and have more fun. Victoria’s biggest youth immigration detention centre in Broadmeadows is filled with many asylum seekers acting like they're under 18 an investigation has discovered.

But just calling themselves children gets the Greens and the far-Left imagining babies behind barbed wire and protesting in horror:

"It's wonderful to see such joie de vivre", said Greens spokeswoman Amanda Rhian.


  1. How do you know that these refugees don't have progeria?

  2. The guy in the second photo is named Anton Chigurh and he is known to have murdered several people in Texas in 1980. He should never have been let in the country.

  3. And also Mr. Eyesore, it is no country for young children.