Sunday, May 8, 2011

New TV show - My take on your Feedback

Thanks very much to all my readers for their feedback on The Clot Report.

My take on all your feedback:

1. More balance. Viewers were concerned that all the guests were from the Right with no one representing the Far Right. Point taken.

2. Interrupt people. While I make every attempt to talk over other people there is no doubt I could do better.

3. Why have guests. As a follow on from point 2, most viewers felt I could do away with guests on the show and just quote myself. 

4. Other feedback pointed out that "nearly everyone watched it" and it was "Gold Logie material".

All in all, not quite the best show ever seen on television, but almost no need for improvement. (counterpoint - many viewers commented that I showed false modesty and noted "you can’t improve on perfection")


Channel 10 has cancelled The Clot Report immediately after the first show.


  1. Congratulations on your show Andrew. I’d love you to tell us each week the names of those who refused to be interviewed.
    laurie of epping nsw of eping nsw (Reply)
    Mon 09 May 11 (05:08am)

    Then you could publish their contact details on the blog so we can give them our feedback.

    I notice that a lot of other asylum seekers have so far refused to be interviewed. Processing of their claims should be suspended until they go on the show.

  2. Can we arrange a boycott of all companies that don't advertise on your show?

  3. You should also consider boycotting ads from all energy companies that use those tax subsidised so-called sustainable energy sources. Somehow I know you wouldn't want to feather your nest and have your show tainted with tax subsidised advertising revenue.

  4. I thought the one at 4.30 pm was better than the one in the morning.

  5. I thought your empathetic chortling on the occasions when your hosts were actually speaking was a bit too restrained.

    Triumphant laughter would be much more appropriate. Don't be cowed by the left!

  6. We love you AB. Don't listen to this ignoramus

  7. The Spin Zone segment was my favourite part of your show. I especially liked the hand gesture you made. The only disappointment was that I don't think there was enough smirking on your part.

  8. I suggest you ask Peter Costello on the next show and have a smirk-off.