Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We’d just waste it ourselves

A Budget that was tough on Australians, who actually earned that money, but not so tough on others:

$4.5 billion will be dedicated to foreign aid, the same fixed percentage of GDP as every year, much of it spent on educational programs for our nearest neighbours.

The question no one on the left will answer: why do poor people need education? 


Reader NT Woman is all over this issue:
So then, how do we help homeless in Australia if the government won’t?
Aren’t our citizens worthy of help? Aren’t the homeless truly poor? How is it that (some) of us can see the need in another land, but ignore the need at home?
What about our people who still dont have houses or electricity after the floods and winter is coming or here?
I see overseas aid as santimonious and two faced, when it is at the expense of our own poor.


  1. NT Woman is right. We should do away with most foreign aid immediately and help OUR OWN.

    Then again I heard that most homelessness is a lifestyle choice,,, actualy I think I might have heard it here,,, so we should do away with helping the homeless too.

    That would free up a lot of taxpayers money to help OUR OWN, if we can find any of OUR OWN who really deserve it -- maybe uninsured flood victims,,, if they can prove they genuinely couldn't afford the insurance, like not spending the insurance money on entertainment or other luxuries.

    I guess Centerlink can look after all that. If you can trust Centerlink.

    Anyway we should definately help OUR OWN first.

  2. Mum_Of_6_245 said...

    I heard that most homelessness is a lifestyle choice...actualy I think I might have heard it here

    You certainly would have heard it here, had I of written about the lifestyle choices of the so-called "homeless".

    If you're home less, say you're between rentals or property settlements, why not do something with your time? As a previous commenter noted - Why don't the homeless build a home and help the building industry and the economy?