Saturday, May 7, 2011

Seas refuse to rise as Garnaut describes

The claim last month from the Gillard Government’s global warming guru, Ross Garnaut:

Professor Garnaut cites new models that suggest the upper predictions of sea-level rise are now as high as 1.9m by 2100.
This compares to the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (4AR) that projecting sea level rise of 18 to 59 cm by 2100.

My evidence - this week’s update of the University of Colorado’s Sea Level Research Group:

Readers will note a very slight down tick in the last few months La Niña influenced data. So much for sea level rise. 

Garnaut's alarmist claims for the next 100 years certainly don't stack up when I look at that tiny part of the data. 


  1. Garnaut and Flannery should be water-boarded until they give up the hiding place of this "Gaia" person who is causing all the trouble. Then a bullet to the chest and one to the eye should solve the problem.

  2. I'm a bit uncomfortable with the measures proposed by IluvuAB.

    Not all that uncomfortable though. After all its just a second remedy amendment kind of thing what we need to be able to deal with those dangerous extremists.

    We need a second remedy amendment dropped in our constitution NOW!!!1!!

    Fat chance with JuLIAR but.

  3. Why does the multi-decadal trend matter in long term climate analysis? Why not decide day to day? I think we can all thank Andrew for daring to go completely against all rules of statistics and physics.