Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Clot Report - first TV show on Sunday

I’m pretty pleased with my line-up of guests for our first show, on Channel 10 at 10am

The ING Direct Personal Term Deposits' monkey, Mark Hawthorn known as the Hate Man (he asks people to tell him, "I hate you") and a turkey feather.


  1. hehehehe rofl. Very good!

  2. They said you'd never make it. This will be cuting edge stuff.

    Good luck!! We're all incredibly confident you won't fall into a screaming heap of gibbering raw nerves crying piteously for your mama to please please please make it all go away as you curl up in foetal position spitting and gurgling and turning purple and...

    Can't wait to see the line up for your next episode!

  3. Too many lefties for my liking.

  4. I`ve just realised something - this show will become the nation’s most important, most watched, and most respected political/thingy show.

    Why ? Because almost all of the others are hosted by hopeless, lefty, ignorants - who peddle leftist propganda, and dont know how to ask intelligent and important questions.

    Andrew will fill a huge void that has been waiting to be filled, and I think he will do very well from it.

    Hopefully it will start to make some of the idiots who run the MSM start to think about the competance and professionalism of their staff.

    (sorry, bu the real posts on his blog are so funny this one required a cut and paste!)

  5. which one's Tony Rabbott?

  6. Well it is going to be a roaring success with Mr. Abbott as first guest.

    Gina should be proud of Mr. Bolt and Ten.

    I think it is going to be repeated later on the day to ensure no one misses the show.

    Showing him at 10 am is making certain that he suffers no competitions from other channels. Not sure why Meet the Press was moved to after his programme.

    It is lucky we do not have to waste our time looking at the show. With both men, we could probably write the script ourselves.

    I have reach the stage that I mouth the words as they speak. Shame that they have little new to saqy.