Monday, May 16, 2011

Gillard finished. How many times must we say it?

Yet more proof that Julia Gillard is finished. How many times must we say it?

Answer: Over 23,000 times.


Reader J Bishop tells me I'm lacking balance. While I've said Gillard is finished over 23,000 times, I've noted Abbott is impressive only 5,600 times.

Point taken.


  1. Honestly, for the sake of balance I looked at how many times you mentioned "Abbott impressive" and the answer?

    Only 5600.

  2. You know with the amount of times you've said Gillard is finished, you're bound to get it right one of these days (even if that day is several years from now).

  3. It's now almost 26,000! 3,000 in two days. It must be true!