Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How dare they be glad Osama is dead

Last night’s Q&A audience did not clap Labor frontbencher Simon Cream when he congratulated Prince Edward on his marriage nor did they clap when he welcomed the death of Osama bin Laden.

Similar distaste from the Left’s Leslie Cannold who tweeted:

Need to remember humiliation thing. Trying OBL would have humilated & Al Qaida while we keep moral high ground

How dare there be an opinion that differs from mine? 


Talking about inappropriate reactions from Greens leader Bob Brown:

 “He was a criminal and mass murderer. There will be few tears shed about this event,” he said.
“But this emphasises the Greens calls to bring the Australian troops home from Afghanistan as we begin to win the war on terrorism.”
More Green logic. How does winning the war "emphasise" withdrawing our troops from that war?


  1. I echo your concerns. How dare there be an opinion that differs from yours.

    The muppets who differ should be made to read your every words until they stop their rabid differing.

    Until then the mad marionettes will continue to be dangerous extremists.

    We (that is, you!) must continue to expose them for the Green stick drawings and pinko animatronics they really are!

  2. I hear they've actually killed Chas Licciardello - he was on a comedy tour of Pakistan and it all went horribly wrong.........