Thursday, May 19, 2011

Treacherous Turnbull

No one is asking Malcolm Turnbull to stop using facts, but his fellow conservative party Liberals are entitled to ask why is he mentioning a policy of the British Conservative Government?

Yet here he is on Lateline, treacherously mentioning the British Conservative Prime Minister’s emissions reduction policy:

MALCOLM TURNBULL: Well, it is - the British Conservative Party has got a very different approach to climate change to the Liberal Party of Australia, which of course is its counterpart…
And the conservatives and David Cameron in particular take the view that there is an enormous opportunity to get onto the front foot and get into a leadership role in terms of clean technology, low-emission technology, that this is a coming technological revolution, it’s going to be - just like the information revolution or the industrial revolution, the green tech or clean tech revolution will be as significant as that as we hopefully move to de-carbonise the world’s economy.
Now, that is a very important technological shift. Britain has a prime minister with vision who wants to be part of that change. 

Normally it is a sackable offence to even acknowledge climate change, let alone mention climate change policy -particularly of another conservative government. Abbott must sack Turnbull immediately.

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